How to Delete Your Netflix History

Now no one will know you watch cheesy movies

Netflix menu example

Netflix, inc.

Don't want others to know what you watched recently on Netflix or want to change the direction of Netflix recommendations? You can delete titles from your Netflix watch history.

To delete (hide, clear) one, or more, TV or movie titles from your Netflix viewing history you'll need to use your PC or smartphone/tablet to log into your Netflix account.

You can only use a Smart TV or media streamer to log into your Netflix account if it has an installed web browser as the Netflix playback app for those devices does not provide complete account information access.

  • If using a laptop or desktop PC (see photo example above), log in to your Netflix account, by clicking the down arrow on the very top right-hand corner of the page and click on Account.
  • If using a smartphone, tablet, compatible media streamer, or Smart TV, after logging into Netflix, tap on the Menu icon on the top-left corner of the screen (looks like three stripes), scroll down and tap on Account.

If you're not interested in seeing other aspects of your account profile, can also log into your Netflix Viewing Activity Page directly using a web browser, your designated email, and password.

Your Netflix Account Page

Netflix account page


If using the main Netflix home page log-in option, when you arrive on your Netflix Account Page, you will see the following sections:

  • Membership and Billing
  • Plan Details
  • Settings
  • My Profile

The Membership and Billing section is not shown in the photo.

To see your viewing activity click on Viewing History near the bottom right corner of your account page in My Profile section. This will take you to the My Activity page.

The Netflix My Activity Screen

The Netlfix My Activity Page


When you get to the My Activity screen you will see a listing of all viewing activity history, with titles listed by viewing date starting with the most recent.

You can do two things on this page — report any problems you may have had viewing one or more titles or delete one or more titles from your viewing history.

Highlight Content to Be Deleted

Netlfix Content To Be Removed Highlighted


To delete one or more titles (you can go through and delete your entire Netflix history if you want), click on the X on the right of each entry.

If the title is a movie, a message will be displayed that the movie title will be removed from your viewing activity within 24 hours.

If it is an episode of a TV Series, you will first be prompted to click on Remove Series.

Notice That Content Is Being Deleted

The Netflix My Activity Page


Once your TV series is selected for removal, you will next see the entry display a message that informs you that the series or movie will be removed from your viewing activity within 24 hours.

Content Is Deleted

The Netflix My Activity Page


To confirm that the title is being deleted, leave the viewing history page and come back later to confirm that it is no longer on the list.

After a title is removed or cleared, from your Netflix viewing history, you will no longer see the titles in your Recently Watched or Continue Watching categories on the Netflix home screen on all your Netflix devices.

In addition, the title(s) will not be included in future viewing recommendations. However, the title will still be accessible via search and may still show up in one of your genre categories. In order to reinstate the title in your viewing history, you will need to play the title again.

The Bottom Line

The Netlfix Gateway Page


If you have multiple Netflix account profiles, or other adult members of your household have their own account(s), each will have their own viewing history and can access and manage their viewing activity using the above steps.

However, viewing history for any account profiles set up as a Kids Account cannot be deleted.

If you notice that some titles on your viewing activity list were not viewed by you, and you suspect that someone else or another device has accessed your account, click on the Recent Device Streaming Activity link through your main account page. If there is a problem, Netflix provides some possible solutions.

From time-to-time, Netflix has offered some subscribers a Privacy Mode, which prevents others from accessing the viewing activity list, but this feature is not available on a continuing-widespread basis. If you have any questions regarding this capability, check the Netflix Test Participation Page or contact Netflix support directly.