How to Delete Your Netflix History

Now no one will know you watch cheesy movies

You can delete titles from your Netflix watch history. This is useful if you don't want others to know what you've watched, or if you want to change the direction of your Netflix recommendations. To delete or remove TV and movie titles from your Netflix viewing history, use a computer or mobile device to log into your Netflix account.

How to View Your Netflix Account Page

Follow these steps to view your Netflix viewing activity:

  1. Log into your Netflix Account page by selecting the menu icon.

  2. Select Account.

  3. Select Viewing History to open the My Activity page.

    Netflix account page

The Netflix My Activity Screen

Under My Activity, there is a listing of all viewing activity history, with titles listed by viewing date, starting with the most recent one.

The Netlfix My Activity Page

From here, you can report problems you had while viewing one or more titles, or you can delete titles from your viewing history.

How to Delete Netflix Viewing History

To delete one or more titles, select the X icon to the right of the entry you want to delete.

Netlfix Content To Be Removed Highlighted

If the title is a movie, a message informs you that the content will be removed from your viewing activity within 24 hours. If it is an episode of a TV series, you are asked whether you want to remove an episode or the whole series.

The Netflix My Activity Page

Once a TV series is selected for removal, a prompt notifies you that the viewing activity will be removed within 24 hours.

What Happens to Deleted Content?

After a title is removed or cleared from your Netflix viewing history, you will no longer see the titles in the Recently Watched or Continue Watching categories on the Netflix home screen.

The Netflix My Activity Page

Additionally, the titles aren't included in future viewing recommendations. However, the content will be accessible through search and may show up in one of your genre categories.

To reinstate the title in your viewing history, play the title again.

The Bottom Line

If you have multiple Netflix account profiles, or other members of your household have their own account, each will have their own viewing history and can access and manage their viewing activity using the above steps. However, viewing history for any account profiles set up as a Kids account cannot be deleted.

The Netlfix Gateway Page

If you didn't view some titles on your viewing activity list, and you suspect that someone else or another device accessed your account, select Recent Device Streaming Activity on the main account page. If there is a problem, Netflix provides some possible solutions.

Netflix offers a Privacy Mode, which prevents others from accessing the viewing activity list, but this feature is not available to all users. If you have any questions regarding this capability, check the Netflix Test Participation Page or contact Netflix support directly.