How to Delete and Mute an Outlook Thread

Delete yourself from group messages in Outlook to mute all notifications

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Microsoft Outlook lets you delete yourself from a group message in one click. It works by letting you mute the conversation to immediately delete the current emails and even prevent further conversations (in that group message) from reaching your inbox.

You might find it useful to mute Outlook emails if you're in a group message that doesn't pertain to you anymore, or if you'd rather just leave the group without asking the other recipients to quit emailing you. Just hit that Ignore button and you'll immediately stop getting group messages.

Note that ignoring a message does not permanently delete the message or any other emails from the sender(s) nor does it block those email addresses or set up any email filters. It's used to simply ignore new messages in one specific thread/group message -- it doesn't apply to other emails from the same sender.

How to Mute Outlook Conversations

Follow these steps to delete a conversation and prevent future messages from appearing in your Outlook inbox:

  1. Open a message from the group or thread that you want to silence and delete.

  2. From the Message tab in the open email, choose Ignore from the Delete section.

    If you don't open the message in its own window but instead are viewing it in the list of other emails in Outlook, look for Ignore in the Home tab.

    You'll be told that the "selected conversation and all future messages will be moved to the Deleted Items folder."

  3. Click Ignore Conversation on the prompt to immediately delete the email and set up Outlook to mute future conversations in that thread.

Unmute a Conversation in Outlook

Do this to recover a conversation from the Deleted Items folder and make sure future messages in the thread do appear in your Outlook inbox:

  1. Open the Deleted Items folder.

  2. Open a message that belongs to the conversation you want to recover.

  3. In the Message tab, choose Ignore to deselect it.

  4. If asked, choose Stop Ignoring Conversation.

Unmuting a conversation will recover all messages in the Deleted Items folder that belong to that specific thread.