How to Delete Movies From iPad

Free up space and organize your iPad by erasing movies

The iPad is a powerful device that you can use to both create and consume content. Use it to store photos, read books, and watch movies. But its storage isn't unlimited, and you may reach a point where you need to clear some space or just reorganize. Here's how to get memory-eating movies off of your iPad.

These directions apply to iPads running iOS 10.2 or later.

How to Delete Movies From iPad With the Apple TV App

If you downloaded movies from the iTunes Store, one of the easiest ways to manage them is through the TV app. From here, you can delete full movies or individual TV episodes.

  1. Open the Apple TV app.

    Apple TV icon on desktop
  2. Tap Library.

    Apple TV Library button
  3. Tap Downloaded.

    Library > Downloaded
  4. Tap Edit.

    Library > Downloaded > Edit
  5. Tap the circles next to the movies or TV episodes you want to delete.

    Selecting a movie to delete
  6. Tap Delete.

    Downloaded screen with Delete option selected
  7. A dialog box will open telling you that the deletion is permanent. Tap Delete Download.

    You can redownload movies you purchased from the iTunes store later as long as you use the same Apple ID you used to purchase them the first time.

    Delete download
  8. Alternatively, tap the rectangle to the right of the movie to go to the delete option.

    Checked box under Downloaded
  9. The iPad will delete the videos you selected.

How to Delete Movies From iPad With the Settings App

You can also delete movies from your iPad through the Settings app. Here's how.

  1. Open Settings.

    Settings on iOS
  2. Tap General.

    General settings
  3. Tap iPad Storage.

    General > iPad Storage
  4. Tap the icon for the TV app.

    iPad Storage > TV
  5. Tap Review iTunes Videos.

    Review iTunes Videos
  6. The movies and TV episodes you downloaded to the iPad appear in a list on the right. Tap Edit.

    Edit movies list
  7. Tap the red circle next to the movie you want to remove.

    Red dot next to movie
  8. Tap Delete.

    If you change your mind, tap Done to cancel.

    Delete button
  9. The iPad deletes the video you selected. You can only delete one video at a time through Settings, so repeat these steps to clear more space.

You may occasionally notice that files removed from your iPad show back up. This is most likely due to the sync settings. To stop this from happening, stop iTunes from auto-syncing. This may cause you to take extra steps to download movies to your device in the future.

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