Delete Mail in iOS Mail Right From Notification Center

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Look ma, one thumb to, I guess, delete an email from iOS Mail. StockUnlimited

You do not have to open iOS Mail to delete emails; you can do that right from its Notification Center alerts.

At Least Know What You Do Not Want

It can be easier, at times, to know what one does not want than to find out what one does. An email message's subject line alone, or its sender perhaps, often suffice to let you realize—do they not?—that you do not want that email; you do not want to read it, you do not want to open it, and you do not want it in your inbox.

With iOS Mail and its notifications, you need not do either of these undesired things, you get to see precisely the subject and sender—and you can trash right then and there (whether the notification is an alert or badge, or just a Notification Center entry).

Delete Mail in iOS Mail Right from Notification Center

To move a message to the trash folder from but an iOS Mail alert listed in Notification Center:

  1. Make sure discarded messages are set to go to the trash.
  2. Find the email listed in your iOS Notification Center's Notifications tab.
  3. Press (with 3D Touch) or swipe (without 3D Touch) to the left over the message you want to delete.
  4. Tap Trash in the message preview or context menu that has appeared.

Delete Mail in iOS Mail Right from a Mail Badge

To delete a message from an iOS Mail new message badge:

  1. Make sure the action for deleting mail is to move it to the trash.
  2. Pull down the notification badge.
  3. Tap Trash.

Delete Mail in iOS Mail Right from a New Mail Alert

To move an email to the trash from an iOS Mail alert:

  1. Make sure discarding emails moves them to the account's deleted items folder.
  2. Tap Options in the alert.
  3. Select Trash from the menu that has come up.

(Deleting using Notification Center alerts tested with iOS Mail 7 and iOS Mail 10)