Use This Keyboard Shortcut to Delete Emails a Lot Faster

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Lots of programs support hotkeys or shortcut keys that let you do things faster without needing the mouse. When it comes to email clients, there is usually a delete shortcut key to make removing emails that much easier.

Not all email programs let you use keyboard shortcuts, and between the ones that do, they're often not the same key. Below you'll find the delete shortcut key for various email clients.

Shortcut Key for Deleting Emails

  • AOL Mail: Use the D key to promptly delete an email in AOL Mail.
  • Gmail: The # (Shift+3) shortcut can be used to delete an email you're actively reading from This Gmail shortcut key works for emails you've selected too (ones you have yet to open but have selected from the list of messages).
  • Mac Mail: One Apple Mail keyboard shortcut is Command+Delete for deleting emails.
  • Microsoft Outlook: Use Ctrl+D to delete a message in the MS Outlook program.
  • Outlook Mail: If you're using the Outlook Mail website to check your email, hit the Delete key to quickly remove the message.
  • Proton Mail: Use the T key to send a Proton Mail message to the trash folder.
  • Thunderbird: Strike the Delete key to immediately delete a message in Thunderbird. If you use Shift+Delete instead, it will bypass the trash folder and be permanently deleted.
  • Windows Live Mail: Either Delete or Ctrl+D can be used to delete Windows Live Mail emails.
  • Yahoo Mail: Hit the Delete key to utilize this Yahoo Mail keyboard shortcut.

Touch devices like the iPhone often have common swipe-to-delete maneuvers too that make it easier and faster to remove messages.