Delete Shortcut Keys for Popular Email Programs

Quickly delete email messages

Many users are inundated with email messages, and wading through the list to sort, answer, and delete messages can take up valuable time. Fortunately, most email programs offer keyboard shortcuts or quick-delete buttons to make deleting spam messages and unwanted emails fast and easy.

Here's a list of popular email programs and their shortcuts for quick message deletion.

Touch devices such as the iPhone and other smartphones often have a swipe-to-delete maneuver, making it easy and fast to remove messages.

Delete Unwanted Emails With Shortcuts

AOL Mail

In the inbox or List view, use the Delete icon (trash can) to delete the item in focus. To delete multiple emails, select the boxes next to the messages you want to delete and then select the Delete icon (trash can).

To restore an email you accidentally deleted, select the Trash folder, select the message you want to restore, and select More > Move to: Inbox.


Some keyboard shortcuts work only if you've turned them on, and keyboard shortcuts aren't supported on all keyboards. To turn on Gmail shortcuts, go to Settings > See all settings > General > Keyboard shortcuts, and then select Keyboard shortcuts on.

Use the # (Shift+3) shortcut to delete an email you're actively reading from This also works for emails you've selected.

Apple Mail

In Apple Mail, delete a selected message or folder simply by hitting the Delete key or selecting the trash can icon.

Microsoft Outlook

To delete a selected message in Outlook, hit the Delete key. Pressing Shift+F10+D deletes a selected folder in the list. To delete and ignore a conversation, press Ctrl+Shift+D.

In Outlook for Mac, use Shift+Delete to permanently delete the selected message, and use Command+Delete to delete the current message, and, if the message window is open, close it.

In the webmail program, hit the Delete key to quickly remove the message.

Proton Mail

Use the T key to send a Proton Mail message to the trash folder.


Strike the Delete key to immediately delete a message in Thunderbird. If you use Shift+Delete instead, it will bypass the trash folder and be permanently deleted.

Windows Mail

Use either the Delete key or Ctrl+D to delete Windows Mail emails.

Yahoo Mail

Simply hit the Delete key to utilize this Yahoo Mail keyboard shortcut and delete a message.

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