How to Delete Instagram Photos and Videos

Regret posting that photo or video to Instagram?

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram
The Ultimate Guide to Instagram

What to Know

  • Open the Instagram app and tap your profile picture or icon. Tap the post you want to delete to view it, then tap the three dots above it.
  • Select Delete, then tap Delete again to confirm. Alternatively, tap Archive to remove your post without deleting it.
  • To restore your deleted Instagram photos within 30 days, go to Settings > Account > Recently Deleted.

This article explains how to delete photo or video posts from your Instagram account. We also cover archiving posts if you prefer not to delete them.

Delete Instagram Photos or Videos

These instructions apply to the official Instagram app. You can also delete or archive posts from the web version at using these steps, but the interface will look slightly different.

  1. Open the Instagram app (sign in to your account in necessary) and tap the profile icon in the bottom menu to go to your profile.

  2. Tap the post you want to delete to view it.

  3. In the top right corner of the screen of every photo and video post, you'll see three dots. Tap these to pull up a menu of options.

  4. Select Delete. Alternatively, you can archive Instagram posts, which effectively hides them from other users.

  5. To finalize the permanent deletion of your Instagram post, you'll be asked to tap Delete again just to confirm that you actually do want to delete your post. Remember that once a post is deleted, it can't be undone. 

    Three screenshots of the Instagram app for iOS.

Need a break from Instagram? Consider temporarily deactivating your Instagram account.

Deleting vs. Archiving Instagram Posts

Here's a brief summary of the difference between archiving and deleting:


  • Hides your post from your profile so nobody else can see it (even you)
  • Gives you the option to put your post back on your profile anytime you want, with no time limit for how long it can stay in your archive
  • Keeps all your likes and comments on the post


  • Removes your post from your profile, including all the likes and posts that it got
  • Can't be undone after 30 days

Instagram Recently Deleted Folder

When you delete an Instagram post, it goes to your Recently Deleted folder for 30 days before it disappears forever. No one else but you will be able to access the post until then. If you decide you want to view or restore your deleted Instagram photos during that time, go to Settings > Account > Recently Deleted.

If you want to restore or permanently delete a post, you must provide identity verification via text or email. This feature was put in place to protect your photos from getting deleted by hackers.

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