How to Delete Instagram Messages

While you can't technically delete messages, you can delete entire conversations

What to Know

  • In the iOS app, select a conversation and tap Delete. In the Android app tap-and-hold the conversation to see Delete. On, select Information (i) > Delete Chat > Delete.
  • To remove a message for both you and the recipient, tap and hold the message, and then tap Unsend message.
  • To unsend on, hover your mouse over the message and select the three dots > Unsend.

This article explains how to delete Instagram messages. The instructions apply to and the Instagram app for iOS and Android.

How to Delete Messages on Instagram

Technically, it's not possible to delete individual messages on Instagram, but you can delete entire conversations.

Delete From Inside the Apps

To delete chat conversations in the Instagram app, go to your messages, tap and hold (on Android) or tap and drag left (iOS) on a conversation, then tap Delete.

Messages icon, chat conversation, and Delete in the Instagram app

Delete Using the Instagram Website

On, open the conversation, select the Information (i) icon, then select Delete Chat.

Info icon (i) and Delete chat on

When You Delete a Conversation on Instagram Does It Delete for the Other Person?

Deleting messages only removes them on your end. If you want to remove an individual message for both you and the recipient, you can unsend it.

If you don't want to receive any more messages from someone, you can block them on Instagram.

How Do You Delete Instagram Messages on Both Sides?

To remove an Instagram message for both you and the recipient, unsend the message. To unsend messages in the Instagram app, open the chat conversation, tap and hold the message, then tap Unsend message.

Chat conversation, chat message, and Unsend in the Instagram app

On, hover your mouse over the message and select the three dots that appear, then select Unsend. The message will disappear for everyone in the conversation.

Unsend over a chat message on
  • How do I delete all my messages on Instagram?

    Unfortunately, there's no way to delete all of your direct messages at once on Instagram. You'll have to remove each conversation one by one.

  • How do I delete someone else's message on Instagram?

    You can't unsend someone else's message on Instagram like you can your own. All you can do is delete the conversation. You can, however, remove other people's messages in Facebook Messenger, which has cross-app compatibility with Instagram: Tap and hold the message, and then select More > Remove.

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