How to Delete a Folder in Yahoo! Mail

Keep your inbox orderly by removing unused folders

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Some users like to have Yahoo! Mail filter mail from certain senders (such as a mailing list) to special folders automatically so that they can read those emails in one place. If they unsubscribe from a mailing list, they no longer need the filter, and they don't need the Yahoo! Mail folder they created for the list. Fortunately, you can easily delete Yahoo! Mail folders you no longer need.

How to Delete a Yahoo! Mail Folder

Yahoo Mail won't let you delete folders that aren't empty, so you must first delete or move any emails out of the folder.

To remove a custom folder from Yahoo! Mail:

  1. Open the folder you want to delete.

  2. Select the check boxes next to each message.

  3. Go to the main toolbar and select Delete or Move.

  4. When the folder is empty, select the dropdown arrow next to the folder name.

    screenshot - Select the down arrow beside the folder's name and choose Delete.
  5. Choose Delete folder.

Delete Folders Using Yahoo! Mail IMAP

You can also delete folders using Yahoo! Mail IMAP and have them removed from Yahoo! Mail on the web as well as in other email programs connected to the account via IMAP.

When using Yahoo! Mail IMAP, deleted messages may not show up in the Yahoo! Mail Trash folder. Your email program may have moved them to a local deleted items folder.

To delete folders using Yahoo! Mail IMAP:

  1. Right-click the folder you want to delete.

  2. Select Delete from the menu.

If you accidentally delete an empty folder and want to recover it, select Undo quickly as it appears at the top of your Yahoo! Mail screen.

Delete a Folder in Yahoo! Mail Basic

To delete a custom folder from your Yahoo! Mail account using Yahoo! Mail Basic:

  1. Open the folder you want to delete in Yahoo! Mail Basic.

  2. Move any messages you want to keep.

  3. In the folder list, select Edit next to My Folders.

    screenshot - Select Edit next to My Folders in the folder list.
  4. Under My Folders, select Delete next to the folder you want to remove.

    screenshot - Select Delete next to the folder you want to remove under My Folders.

    In Yahoo! Mail Basic, you don't have to empty the folder before you delete it. Messages in the folder are moved to the Trash folder. You can recover them later.

  5. Under Delete Folder, select OK.