How to Delete Facebook Photos Tutorial

Removing Pictures Can be Tricky Because It Varies Type

Deleting Facebook photos
Deleting Facebook photos can be tedious. Les Walker

Deleting photos from your Facebook pages can be more complicated than it seems since sometimes you're not truly deleting the picture from Facebook's computers, but rather, hiding its display from other people.

Facebook does, however, allow you to permanently delete photos, and it will remove them from its computers. If you want to restore those photos, you'll have to upload them again.

First, let's review the different types of photos on Facebook (consult this Facebook Photo Guide for more details).

Type of Photos on Facebook

  • Profile Pictures -- the small image you choose to represent yourself at the top of your timeline/profile page, which also appears as a small icon next to your status updates in your friends' news feeds. 
  • Cover Photo for Timeline -- The large horizontal banner image you can display on the top of your timeline/profile page. The smaller profile picture is inset into the bottom of the Cover photo.
  • Photo Albums -- These are groupings of photos that you have created and are accessible from your Timeline/profile area. People can browse them when they visit your Timeline, provided you have given them access.
  • Photos as Updates -- Individual photos that you uploaded to Facebook and sometimes attached to a text status update.

Deleting Photos from Facebook

  • Profile Pictures -- To change your profile picture, hover hour mouse over profile photo, and then click the "Update Profile Picture" link. It shows four choices. The first is "Choose from photos," allowing you to pick one you've previously uploaded to Facebook. The next two  are "Take photo," for taking a picture on whatever device you're using; and
    Upload Photo," and allowing you to upload a new image from your computer. Finally, select "Remove" if you want to remove the photo completely. It will ask you to confirm before it deletes the image. "Removes" leaves the original photo online in case you want to display it again later as your profile image. To permanently delete, you'll need to go to the photos area, find and select "edit" on the image, then click "delete this photo."
  • Cover Photo for Timeline -- It's easy to change or delete your Timeline cover photo. To change or remove it as your cover image, hover your mouse over the upper left corner of the cover photo on your timeline, where a camera icon appears. Click where it says "Change Cover Photo." A drop down menu will appear. The bottom option is "remove photo." As with profile photos, clicking that leaves the original online in your "photos" area. To permanently remove it, go to the photo albums area (Facebook automatically groups your Timeline cover images into an album it calls "Cover photos,")  find the picture you want to delete, hover over the right upper corner and select "edit" on the image, then click "delete this photo."
  • Photo Albums -- To delete photo albums, first find the album you want to remove. To locate albums, go to your Timeline/profile page and click on the "photos" link at the top, then choose the "albums" link.  Click on the name of the album you want to delete or edit to call it up. Then click on the small "gear" icon on the far right at the top. The drop-down menu will show "remove album" as the bottom option. Once you click to confirm deletion, you won't be able to restore it.
  • Photos as Updates -- To delete individual photos that you uploaded or attached to status updates, navigate through your Timeline to find the photo or photos in question. Click on the "Edit or Remove" link ( a small pencil icon) superimposed on the upper right corner of the photo. A drop down menu appears, and the bottom item is "delete this photo." If you click "delete" it will be removed entirely (you will be given a warning message before you click to confirm.)  Alternatively, you can click "remove" for either timeline or profile pictures, and those will be saved, but not displayed.

Hiding Photos from Timeline

You can also hide photos you've uploaded to keep other people from seeing them when they browse your Timeline.

Just hover your mouse or pointer over the image, click the tiny pencil icon for editing, and then select "Hide from Timeline."

Deleting Photo Tags

You can also remove tags with your name from photos of you that other people have posted, in case you don't want a lot of people to see the photo or associate it with you. Removing tags with your name does not delete those photos, it just makes it a bit more difficult for your friends to find them