How to Delete Your History and Other Private Data in IE7

Clear your browsing history, cookies, temporary files, and more

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As you browse the web, Internet Explorer logs every website you visit and stores other data such as your passwords and personal settings. Learn how to clear your history in Internet Explorer 7 to protect your privacy.

Microsoft discontinued support for Internet Explorer 7 in 2016. Upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge to protect your computer from malware and exploits.

These instructions apply to IE7. but you can also delete your browsing history in Internet Explorer 11, IE9, IE8, and Microsoft Edge.

How to Delete Internet Explorer 7 Browsing History

To clear your browser history and delete other information stored by Internet Explorer 7:

  1. Select Tools > Delete Browsing History in the top-right corner of Internet Explorer 7.

    Select Tools > Delete Browsing History in the top-right corner of Internet Explorer 7.
  2. Select Delete history.

    Select Delete all at the bottom to remove all browser data stored by IE7.

    Select Delete history.
  3. Select Yes to confirm.

    Select Yes to confirm.

What Types of Browsing Information Does IE7 Store?

In addition to a list of all websites that you visit, IE7 stores other files to help improve your browsing experience. The following options are listed in the Delete Browsing History window:

  • Temporary internet files: Internet Explorer stores images, multimedia files, and even full copies of websites that you have visited in an effort to reduce load times on your next visit to that same page. To remove all of these temporary files from your hard drive, select Delete files.
  • Cookies: Some websites place a text file, or cookie, to store user-specific settings and other information. This cookie is referenced each time you return in order to provide a customized experience or retrieve your login credentials. To remove all Internet Explorer cookies from your hard drive, select Delete cookies.
  • Browsing history: This is the list of URLs that have been accessed by your browser. To remove this list of sites, select Delete history.
  • Form data: IE stores information that you've entered into forms. That way, when you enter the first few letters of your name or email address in a text field, the entire form auto-populates. Although very convenient, this feature can also lead to privacy concerns. Select Delete forms to remove this information.
  • Passwords: When you enter a password, such as your email login, Internet Explorer will usually ask if you want it to remember the password for the next time you're logging in. To remove these saved passwords from IE7, select Delete passwords.

You may see an option for Also delete files and settings stored by add-ons. Some browser add-ons and plug-ins might store information like form data and passwords, so check this option to remove that data from your computer.