How to Delete Bookmarks On Chrome

Remove your booksmarks from Chrome one at a time, or all at once

Chrome bookmarks are useful in helping you find important pages without having to search, but they can really pile up over time. Whether you've accidentally bookmarked a single page that you need to delete, or you want to delete all of your Chrome bookmarks at once, we'll walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

What Are Chrome Bookmarks?

Bookmarking is a system that web browsers like Chrome use to make it easier to find important web pages. Instead of writing down a long universal resource locator (URL), or searching for a page ever time, you can click a single button to bookmark any web page for later.

If you end up with too many bookmarks to manage, you can even use specialized bookmarking tools to keep everything organized and within easy reach.

A woman deletes bookmarks on Chrome.
Pras Boonwong / EyeEm

Why Delete Chrome Bookmarks?

Since Chrome bookmarks are so easy to create, it's also very easy to bookmark a page accidentally. You may accidentally bookmark a page when trying to type a new URL, open a new tab, or even interact with one of your plugins. When that happens, it's a good idea to immediately remove the bookmark to avoid clutter.

The other main reason to remove bookmarks is that they tend to accumulate slowly over time, and you can easily end up with an unmanageable mess of old bookmarks that you no longer need. If you're ready for a fresh start, you can easily remove all of your bookmarks in one fell swoop.

How to Delete Chrome Bookmarks One at a Time

There are two easy ways to delete a Chrome bookmark if you want to delete a single bookmark or remove a small handful of bookmarks. One involves visiting the web page you want to remove, and other other requires digging into the Chrome bookmark manager.

The following instructions are illustrated with images of the desktop version of Chrome, but the same exact instructions also work for mobile Chrome.

Here's the easiest way to delete a single bookmark in Chrome:

  1. Visit the page you want to remove from your bookmarks.

  2. Click or tap the star in the right end of the URL bar.

    A screenshot of a bookmarked page in Chrome.

    If the star is hollow, instead of a solid color like this screenshot, that means you don't have the page bookmarked. In that case, clicking the star will bookmark the page.

  3. Click remove.

    A screenshot showing how to remove a bookmark in Chrome.
  4. When the bookmark is successfully deleted, the star will be hollow instead of a solid color.

    A screenshot of a deleted bookmark in Chrome.
  5. Repeat this process with any other bookmarks you want to remove.

How to Delete a Bookmark Using the Chrome Bookmark Manager

If you don't remember the URL of the bookmark you want to delete, then you can find it through the Chrome bookmark manager.

Here's how to delete a single bookmark using the Chrome bookmark manager:

  1. Open Chrome, and navigate to chrome://bookmarks/

    A screenshot of the Chrome bookmarks manager.
  2. Locate the bookmark you want to delete.

    If you don't see the bookmark while scrolling through the list, use the search box located at the top of the bookmark manager.

  3. Click or tap the (three vertical dots) icon that's located to the right of the bookmark you want to delete.

    A screenshot of the Chrome bookmark delete option.

    You can also just right click the bookmark instead of clicking the icon.

  4. Click or tap delete.

  5. Repeat this process for each additional bookmark you want to delete.

How to Delete All Of Your Chrome Bookmarks

If you want to delete all of your Chrome bookmarks and start fresh, the process is very similar to the second method we outlined in the previous section. If you're already familiar with that method, then there's really only one additional step.

Here's how to delete all of your Chrome bookmarks at once:

  1. Open Chrome, and navigate to chrome://bookmarks/

    A screenshot of the Chrome bookmarks manager.

    Look to the left side of the window. If there are multiple folders listed, that means you have more than one bookmark folder. These folders are independent of each other, so you need to delete each one if you want to remove all of your bookmarks.

  2. Click the folder that corresponds to the bookmarks you want to delete.

    A screenshot of a folder of Chrome bookmarks.
  3. Type CTRL+A (Command+A on a Mac) on your keyboard. If you do it correctly, the entire list of bookmarks will be highlighted.

  4. Click Delete at the top right of the window when the option appears.

    A screenshot of the bookmark delete option in Chrome.

    This process can't be undone.

  5. Verify that your bookmarks were deleted.

    A screenshot of deleted Chrome bookmarks.
  6. If you have other bookmark folders to delete, click the next folder and repeat these steps.