How to Delete Apps on an Amazon Fire Tablet

A long press on the app's icon goes a long way

What to Know

  • From the home screen: Long press on any app icon > Uninstall App from the pop-up menu.
  • From the Library: Long press on any app icon > Remove from Device.
  • From the Settings app: Apps & Notifications > See all X apps > tap the app icon > Uninstall.

This article explains how to delete apps from an Amazon Fire tablet to clear up storage space.

How to Remove Unused Apps from an Amazon Fire Tablet

Because the Fire tablet is based on the Android operating system, the Fire tablet functions similarly to many tablets on the market. As such, there are a handful of methods to uninstall apps. The following steps are similar when deleting apps on Android phones or tablets.

Removing Apps In the Library

Your Amazon Fire's Library lists everything you have installed on the device, from books to apps. Here's how you can uninstall apps from the Library.

  1. Open your Library by tapping it on the top right of your screen.

  2. Long-press the app icon of the app you want to uninstall. Select Remove from Device.

  3. Once on the chosen app's App Info screen, tap the Uninstall button. Confirm you want to remove the app in the following prompt.

    Remove From Device and Uninstall in the Kindle App Library

Removing Apps With the App Info Screen

The App Info screen is a great area to fine-tune app permissions, as well as how your apps utilize data. It's also an easy way to uninstall an app.

  1. Any time you see an app icon, you can open a contextual prompt by long-pressing it. Select Uninstall App.

  2. After tapping Uninstall App, you will get a prompt asking to confirm you want to remove the app.

  3. Select OK.

    Remove App and OK on Fire tablet home screen

How to Remove Apps In Settings

  1. Open Settings and select Apps & Notifications.

  2. Once in Apps & Notifications, either locate the app you want to uninstall in the Recently Opened Apps list or select See all X apps (the X is the number of apps on the device).

  3. Select the app you wish to install. This will bring up its App Info page.

  4. Once in the selected app's App Info, tap Uninstall. Tap OK to confirm you want to uninstall the app in question.

    Apps & Notifications, Twitter app, and Uninstall in Fire tablet Settings

Can You Uninstall Preinstalled Apps on an Amazon Fire tablet?

While some preinstalled apps like The Washington Post can be uninstalled without any issue, others cannot without having to do a deep dive into the device's debugging software. What you can do, however, is group any unwanted preinstalled apps into their own folder, away from the rest of your apps. You can organize apps by doing the following:

  1. Long-press an app you want to place into a folder.

  2. Drag that app over another app you don't want to use anymore but can't uninstall. Let go to create a new folder.

  3. Continue with Step 2 with each preinstalled app you don't want to use by moving them into the newly created folder.

  • How do I close apps on my Fire Tablet?

    To close a Fire Tablet app, tap the square navigation button to see running apps, and then swipe up the app window you want to close. To force close an app, go to Settings > Apps & Notifications, choose the app, and tap Force Stop.

  • How do I delete photos on my Fire Tablet?

    In the Amazon Photos app, tap and hold the photo, then tap the three dots > Move to Trash. You can choose to delete the app from your device and/or cloud storage.

  • How do I remove ads on a Fire Tablet?

    To remove ads on a Fire Tablet, go to Settings > App & Notifications > Amazon App Settings > Home Screens and turn off Recommendations.

  • How do I reset my Fire Tablet?

    To reset your Fire Tablet, go to Settings > Device Options > Reset to Factory Defaults > Reset. For older Kindle Fire tablets, go to Settings > More > Device > Reset to Factory Defaults > Erase everything.

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