How to Delete a Mail Folder at

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Basic Apple iCloud accounts are free to Mac and PC users. The cloud storage service provides a convenient way to access documents, photos, and email across several devices. A new iCloud account comes with an email address. Mail sent to this address can be viewed and managed in the Mail web app at

Collecting emails in a folder in iCloud Mail can be convenient for projects or vacations, but eventually, you won't need to keep them around anymore. At, removing Mail folders and the messages in them is, fortunately, a swift process.

Delete a Mail Folder at

To remove a folder from your iCloud Mail at

  1. Log in to your iCloud account and select the Mail icon.
  2. Expand the list of folders in the left panel by clicking the plus sign to the right of Folders. Click the folder you want to delete in iCloud Mail to open it. 
  3. View the email list and move any messages you want to keep to a different folder or your inbox.
  4. Make sure the folder has no subfolders. If the folder contains a subfolder, click > next to its name to expand the subfolder and delete or move its contents first. If you do not want to remove a subfolder, drag the folder to a different parent folder or the top level in the folder list. 
  5. Click the folder name in the folder list.
  6. Click the red circle that appears to the left of the folder name.
  7. Confirm the deletion by clicking Delete in the pop-up screen.

Deleting the folder also immediately removes all messages in it. They are not moved to the Trash folder but are purged at once.