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Schlage LiNK is one of the first products of its kind. The ability to monitor and regulate access to a home's main doors should appeal especially to those in busy households with children. Families interested in LiNK should budget appropriately for both the up-front equipment purchase and the monthly subscription fees. Home automation products related to Z-Wave are still maturing. As with any new product, one can expect the technology and level of support behind LiNK to continue improving and evolving over time.



  • Some customers may be disappointed to find doors cannot be locked or unlocked remotely
  • Terms of warranty could be more generous for a first generation product
  • Significant monthly subscription fees increase the total cost of ownership


  • Schlage LiNK requires the customer to have high-speed Internet service
  • The required monthly subscription fee for Schlage LiNK is USD $12.99
  • LiNK components include Schlage door latches, light modules, cameras, a Trane thermostat and a Z-Wave bridge
  • Internet remote access to the Schlage system is supported from PCs and from many (not all) models of mobile phones
  • Door levers and deadbolts are available in a choice of brass, bronze or nickel styles
  • The system utilizes AES-128 encryption for protected communication with the wireless bridge cabled to a home broadband router
  • Batteries inside the latch powering the door lock must be replaced every three years or sooner depending on use

Guide Review: Schlage LiNK

Schlage LiNK is a wireless network-controlled door entry system designed for families to use in their residences. Homeowners can do the following with Schlage LiNK:

  • Check whether a door is locked or unlocked while away from home
  • Receive email or other alerts each time a door is unlocked
  • Network a door lock with other home automation devices like lights and cameras

Note that LiNK currently does not allow doors to be unlocked remotely; the system simply grants permission for someone physically present at the door to do so.

Z-Wave Wireless Technology

Schlage LiNK utilizes the Z-Wave wireless standard for home automation systems. Customers can network the base door management product with other LiNK devices and some Z-Wave devices from other makers. For example, home lights and surveillance cameras can be automatically switched on whenever the LiNK system detects a door is unlocked. LiNK is not compatible with other types of home automation networks, such as Zigbee.

Product Offerings

Consumers looking to buy Schlage LiNK can purchase a starter kit that includes

  • Deadbolt or lever door knob with keypad lock
  • Z-Wave module for controlling a home light
  • Bridge device that connects the Z-Wave wireless network to a home router and the Internet

Schlage also sells separately these add-on products compatible with the LiNK system:

  • Additional door locks
  • Additional light modules
  • Network cameras
  • A Z-Wave enabled thermostat made by Trane

In addition to the initial purchase price for Schlage LiNK equipment, customers must also pay a monthly subscription fee to maintain the service.

Other Considerations

LiNK door locks feature a limited lifetime warranty from Schlage, but all other LiNK components include only a 1-year limited warranty. This warranty doesn't cover the cost to return any defective product to Schlage or labor costs for repair.

About This Review

No hands-on testing of this product was done as part of this review. The author met with a Schlage representative and conducted independent research (including observing the product at a local retail store).