Gnutella P2P Free File Sharing and Download Network

What Gnutella is and where you can download Gnutella clients

P2P File Sharing

Gnutella, established in 2000, was the first decentralized P2P file sharing network and is still active today. Using a Gnutella client, users can search, download, and upload files across the internet.

Early versions of the Gnutella protocol did not scale well enough to match the network's popularity. Technical improvements solved these scalability issues at least partially. Gnutella remains fairly popular but less so than some other P2P networks, principally BitTorrent and eDonkey2000.

Gnutella2 is another P2P network but it isn't actually related to Gnutella. In fact, it's a totally distinct network created in 2002 that simply took the original name and added and removed various features to make it its own.

Gnutella Clients

There used to be many Gnutella clients available, but the P2P network has been around since 2000, so it's only natural for some software to quit being developed, become shutdown for whatever reason, or to drop support for this particular P2P network.

The very first client was called Gnutella, which is actually where the network got its name. 

Popular Gnutella clients that can still be downloaded today include Shareaza, Zultrax P2P, and WireShare (formerly called LimeWire Pirate Edition or LPE), all of which work on Windows. Another, for Linux, is called Apollon. Windows, macOS, and Linux users can all use Gnutella with gtk-gnutella.

Some older, now discontinued software or programs that have shut down support for Gnutella include BearShare, LimeWire, Frostwire, Gnotella, Mutella, XoloX, XNap, PEERanha, SwapNut, MLDonkey, iMesh, and MP3 Rocket.