How to Defeat a Lynel in Zelda: BOTW

Get the Savage Lynel Sword, Savage Lynel Bow, Savage Lynel Chrusher, and more

If you want to get the best weapons in Zelda: BOTW, you'll need to defeat some of the most powerful enemies in the game. This guide covers killing a Lynel in BOTW, including everything you need to prepare for battle.

Information in this article applies to Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

How to Prepare to Fight a Lynel

Before even think about challenging the most fierce enemies in BOTW, take the following steps to make sure you're well prepared:

  • Find the four Great Fairy Fountains and upgrade your best equipment to the maximum level. The Great Faries are in Kakariko Village, Lake Akkala, Gerudo Desert, and Totori Lake in the Tabantha region.
  • Equip a one-handed weapon, a durable shield, and light gear such as the Soldier's armor. Two-handed weapons and heavy armor will weigh you down, so you'll be unable to avoid the Lynels' powerful attacks. Bring a couple of weapons since at least one is likely to break during the fight.
  • Practice parrying to pull off Perfect Guard. Hold down ZL to target your opponent while holding a shield, then press A as your enemy is about to strike. If you time it right, you'll stun the Lynel for a moment, allowing you to make a counterattack.
  • Go in with plenty of curative items, including a few faires. Use any consumables that boost your strength, defense, and hearts.

Combine any fruit with a Big Hearty Radish to make a dish that restores all of your health and gives you temporary extra hearts.

How to Kill a Lynel in BOTW

Here are some general tips for fighting Lynels:

  • Block and counterattack. Your best chance at mounting an offense is right after you stun the Lynel following a Perfect Guard.
  • Use your Stasis rune ability. Activate it as the Lynel charges you to land some quick blows, then step to the side so that it runs past you.
  • Stay close. A Lynel's close-range attacks are devastating, but their long-range attacks rarely miss, so don't get too far away once you attract the Lynel's attention. The exception is when the Lynel summons fireballs, in which case you should run and hide behind something that will protect you from the blast.
  • If the ground catches on fire, you can take advantage of the updraft it creates and paraglide up to make an aerial attack with your bow and arrows.
  • Use your bow for up-close headshots, which will stun the Lynel. If you can shoot it in the head with an Ice Arrow, you'll freeze it long enough to climb on top of it and deliver a few more blows to the head.
  • Beating a Lynel in BOTW takes a lot of patience, so be prepared for a lengthy battle.
Link faces off against a Golden Lynel


Lynel Locations and Spoils

Here's what you get for defeating different types of Lynels and where to find them:

Lynel Type Spoils Location
Red-Maned Lynel Normal Lynel Weapons, Lynel Horn, Hoof, and Guts Coliseum Ruins, Kamah Plateau, Lanayru Road East Gate, Nautelle Wetlands, Oseira Plains, Ploymous Mountain
Blue-Maned Lynel Mighty Lynel Weapons, Lynel Horn, Hoof, and Guts Akkala Wilds, First Gatehouse, Laporah Mesa, Lodrum Headland, North Akkala Valley, Oseira Plains, Rowan Plain
White-Maned Lynel Savage Lynel Weapons, Lynel Horn, Hoof, and Guts Deplian Badlands, Drenan Highlands, East Deplian Badlands, Gerudo Summit, Great Plateau, North Tabantha Snowfield, Second Gatehouse
Golden Lynel Savage Lynel Weapons, Flamesword, Lynel Horn, Hoof, and Guts Coliseum Ruins (Master Mode only)

Types of Lynels

The tips above apply to all Lynels, but here's some more specific information about the different types of Lynel's in Breath of the Wild.

Red-Maned Lynels

Red-maned Lynel's will start launching Shock Arrows in your direction as soon as you approach, so close the distance between you as quickly as possible. As it prepares to jump, get out the way or use your shield to avoid a sweeping blow.

Blue-Maned Lynels

Blue-maned Lynel's are identical to the Red-maned ones, except they are significantly stronger. Likewise, the rewards for beating them are much better.

White-Maned Lynels

White-Maned Lynels (also called Silver-maned Lynels) have twice as much health as Red-maned Lynels and are almost twice as strong. Before the addition of Golden Lynels, they were the most difficult enemies in the game, and they drop the most powerful weapons in BOTW.

Golden Lynels

You can only fight Golden Lynels if you have The Master Trials DLC and are playing in Master Mode. Their attacks are twice as powerful as White-maned ones, which means they can take you out in one hit, even when Link's health is maxed out.

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