The Default Passwords of Linksys Routers

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All home broadband routers provide an account for administrators to use for setup and configuration updates. Similar to how computers work, routers keep a user name and password combination for the administrator to log in. Router manufacturers set default usernames and passwords at the factory.You must use a Linksys default password when logging in the first time but can change it later.

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Using Linksys Default Passwords

The default login information for Linksys routers depends on their model as summarized in the table below.

BEFSR series(none) or adminadmin
E seriesadmin or (none)admin or (none)
EA seriesadminadmin or (none)
WAG seriesadmin or (none)admin or (none)
WRT series(none)admin

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Passwords must be used in conjunction with usernames. When prompted for a login, leave a field empty if its value is '(none)' - do not actually type "none" or "(none)." As when logging into computers, the actual letters of these passwords do not appear on screen when typed but are instead shown as a group of asterisk (*) characters, a feature designed to prevent anyone watching the screen from being able to see what is typed.

Note that some Internet providers supplied Linksys branded routers to their customers with the default username and/or password changed.

Comcast, for example, set their default username to 'comcast' with a password of '1234'.

Changing Linksys Router Default Passwords

An administrator can change the router password (and sometimes also the username) at any time. However, Linksys routers do not require their default passwords to ever be changed.

The downside of not changing it is that anyone on the Internet can easily figure out how to log into the device. While this may sound alarming, in fact many people don't bother to change their default router password.

The risk of not changing a Linksys default password mostly depends on the household's living situation. For example, parents with teenagers should strongly consider changing default passwords as curious kids are likely to log into the router and may unintentionally break critical settings. Invited guests can also do major damage to a home network with administrator access to the router.

Because it only takes a few seconds, one could argue there is no downside to making a router password change. However, people log into their routers infrequently, meaning that forgetting these passwords is a serious concern.

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Resetting Linksys Routers

A router reset erases any settings an administrator applied to the device and replaces them with default values set by its operating system. Resets change the router's password back to its default if it had been changed earlier.

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