Default Passwords of D-Link Routers

Routers ship with a standard set of credentials

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To get admin access on a broadband router, you typically need the IP address, username, and password that the manufacturer has set at the factory. All routers come with a default set of credentials, including D-Link routers.

You need the password because some of the settings are protected, and for good reason: These might include critical system settings such as the wireless password, port forwarding options, and DNS servers.

D-Link Default Passwords

Default logins for D-Link routers vary depending on the model, but they generally are a combination of these:

D-Link Model Default Username Default Password
DI-514, DI-524, DI-604, DI-704, DI-804 admin (none)
DGL-4100, DGL-4300, DI-701 (none) (none)
Others admin admin

If another user has already changed the default password on your D-Link router, the passwords listed here will not work. In this case, you must reset your router to factory settings. See below for directions.

Why You Should Change the D-Link Default Password

An administrator can change the router password and/or username at any time, but it's not technically required. You can log in with the default credentials for the whole life of the router. Remember, though, that the default password and username are freely available to anyone looking for it (see above), so anybody within reach can access a D-Link router as admin and make changes.

Because changing the password takes only seconds, there's no real downside to doing so — other than the fact that a secure password is easy to forget. Try using a free password manager to keep track of this and all your other important passwords. This way, you'll have trouble-free access to your router's settings should the home network require troubleshooting, updating, or resetting.

The risk level for not changing the router's default password mostly depends on the household's living situation. For example, parents with teenagers might consider changing default passwords to deter their kids from changing critical parameters such as internet access rules and filters. Houseguests also can do major damage to a home network if they have administrative-level access.

How to Access the Admin Panel

To change the password, you'll need to open the admin panel on your router. Here's how:

  1. Go to http://dlinkrouter.local or in your browser. 

  2. Enter the default credentials in the chart above.

If another user has accessed the admin panel and you don't know the new password, you'll have to reset your router and thus, the password.

Resetting D-Link Routers

Resetting a router erases any custom settings and replaces them with the default password, IP address, and username that it originally shipped with. Other customized options, such as custom DNS servers, the wireless SSID, port-forwarding, and DHCP reservations, revert to their factory settings, too.

A hard reset does not affect the router's firmware version.

To perform a hard reset of a D-Link router:

  1. Ensure your D-Link router is on. Insert the end of a paper clip into the hole labeled Reset on the back of the router and press for 10 seconds.

    Newer models feature a Reset button; simply press this for at least 10 seconds.

  2. When you remove the paper clip (or release the button), the router will reboot after a few seconds, and the WLAN will blink.

  3. When WLAN stops blinking, log into your admin panel using the appropriate credentials above.