How to Change the Font for Incoming Mail in Thunderbird

Read your email in the font you prefer

Font types on a page


You can set Thunderbird to use the font face and size you prefer when reading incoming mail—and pick your favorite color, too. Here's how.

The procedures here were performed in Thunderbird 68.4 running on macOS version 10.15 (Catalina), but they are similar in other versions and platforms.

Using your preferred fonts instead of Thunderbird's defaults might make some emails look different than what their senders intended.

  1. Select Thunderbird > Preferences (Tools Options on a Windows computer) from the Thunderbird menu bar.

    Thunderbird Preferences
  2. Click Display.

  3. Select the default font and size you prefer. To change colors, select Colors. When you're happy with your choices, hit OK to return to the Formatting menu.

    Thunderbird Preferences > Display
  4. Select Advanced.

  5. Make the choices as desired and hit OK.

    Uncheck the box next to Allow messages to use other fonts so that your choices will override those of senders.

    Thunderbird Fonts & Encodings