Def Jam Fight for N.Y. Cheat Codes (PS2)

Game jacket of Def Jam Fight for NY

 EA Games

Def Jam Fight for N.Y. is part of the Def Jam series of hip-hop influenced video games and features many famous rappers and celebrity voices. Here are the cheat codes for the PlayStation 2 video console. We also have a specific article where you can also find cheats for the PSP.

To get started, go to the Extras menu and select the Cheats option. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Cheat Codes

100 Reward Points

Enter "Crooklyn," "GetStuff," "Duckets," "TheSource," or "NewJack" as a code. Note: Each code can only be used once.

  • Baxter Song (Chopshop) - Chopper
  • Bless Song (Seize The Day) - Sieze
  • Bless Song (Get it Now) - Platinumb
  • Chiang Song (Koto) - GhostShell
  • Chiang Song (Dragon House) - Akira
  • CNN Song (Anything Goes) - Militain
  • Comp Song (Comp) - Chococity
  • Fat Joe Song (Take A Look At My Life) - Cartagena
  • Ice-T Song (Original Gangster) - Power as a song.
  • Joe Budden Song (Walk With Me) - Pump
  • Nyne Song (Afterhours) - Loyalty
  • Outkast Song (Bust) - BigBoi
  • Public Enemy Song (Move) - Respect
  • Ricbyobyche Song (Lil' Bro) - GonBeTrubl
  • Sticky Fingaz Song (Man Up) - KirkJones
  • Ultramagnetic MCs Song (Poppa Large) - Ultramag
  • 125th Street Station Venue - Defeat Trejo in story mode.
  • 7th Heaven Venue - Defeat Bonecrusher in story mode.
  • 7th Heaven Venue: Club DTP venue - Defeat Ludacris in story mode.
  • Club 357 Venue - Defeat Ice T in story mode.
  • Club 357: High Stakes Venue - Defeat Redman in story mode.
  • Club Murder Venue - Defeat Crack in story mode.
  • Crow's Office Venue - Defeat Crow in story mode.
  • Gun Hill Garage Venue - Defeat Magic in story mode.
  • Hunt's Point Scrapyard Venue - Defeat Teck in story mode.
  • Hunt's Point: After Hours Venue - Defeat the team of Magic and Crack in story mode.
  • Red Hook Tire Co. Venue - Defeat Sticky Fingaz in story mode.
  • The Babylon Club Venue - Defeat Sean Paul in story mode.
  • The Chopshop Venue - Defeat the Chopshop team tournament in story mode.
  • The Dragon House Venue - Defeat Chiang, Masa, and Santos in story mode.
  • The Gauntlet Venue - Defeat Lil Flip in story mode.
  • The Heights Venue - Defeat N.O.R.E. in story mode.
  • The Red Room Venue - Defeat WC in story mode
  • Cage Match - Defeat Crack in story mode.
  • Demolition Match - Defeat Magic in story mode.
  • Inferno Match - Defeat Sticky Fingaz in story mode.
  • Ring Out Match - Defeat Chiang, Masa, and Santos in the Dragon House in story mode.
  • Subway Match - Defeat Danny Trejo in story mode.
  • Window Match - Defeat Crow in story mode.

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