Deezer Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to popular questions about Deezer

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What Kind of Music Service is Deezer?

Deezer uses streaming audio technology to deliver content in real-time to users and is therefore classed as a streaming music service. It is in fact very similar in function to other well-known services such as Spotify, Rdio, MOG, etc. Signing up to Deezer gives you access to millions of songs in its cloud-based library that can be streamed to several different types of devices -- this includes: a computer, smartphone, tablet, home stereo system, and more. If listening to digital music in radio style is more your thing, then Deezer also has a selection of curated radio stations that are based on themes and cherry-picked artists.

Is Deezer Available in My Country?

One of Deezer's strengths is its availability around the world. At the time of writing the service has rolled out in over 200 countries. However, it hasn't yet launched in the the United States where other major streaming music services operate and have achieved a large user base. This, in theory, puts it at a disadvantage from a market share point of view.

There are too many countries to list in this article, but for further information, there's a complete up-to-date list of countries on Deezer's website.

How Can I Listen to Digital Music Streamed From Deezer?

As previously mentioned, Deezer supports different ways of listening to streaming music other than just via a computer. The main options available are:

  • Smartphones: iPhone (and iPod Touch), Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.
  • Tablets: iOS (iPad and Mini version), Android, Microsoft Surface, BlackBerry PlayBook.
  • Smart TVs: includes some media players and Xbox consoles.
  • Wireless Home Music Streamers: Sonos, Jawbone, Logitech (squeezebox), Simple Audio and others.
  • In-dash Car Systems

What Types of Accounts Does Deezer Offer When Signing Up?

Deezer offers a range of access levels to its service that you can choose from ranging from free to a subscription. The account types currently on offer are:

  • Discovery: This is the free account that Deezer offers so that you can try out the service before committing to one of their paid-for subscription tiers. Discovery is an ad-supported service that gives an unlimited amount of listening time for the first 12 months, but after this, it is reduced to 2 hours maximum every month. As you would expect from a free account there are limitations in the way you can access and use the music from Deezers' library. You can't for instance use mobile devices (like most other services that offer a free account) and there's also no offline mode. If you need to be able to stream music to a mobile device then you'll have to upgrade to Deezer's top  subscription tier, Premium+.
  • Premium: This is the base subscription level which gives you an unlimited amount of listening time using Deezer's full music catalog. There aren't any ads and the sound is enhanced (up to 320 kbps) compared to the free Discovery account. You also get access to content and recommendations not available with the free account.
  • Premium+: If you want music on the move (and on multiple devices), then the Premium+ level gives you this flexibility. You get the same benefits as the Premium subscription tier above, but there's also another advantage -- offline mode. This is a feature that allows you to listen to your favorite songs even when there's no Internet connection or 3G/4G reception.