"Deer Hunter" Cheats for the PC

Enable cheats and abilities in the PC video game "Deer Hunter."

Deer Hunter PC game
Deer Hunter PC game. Google Images, WizardWorks Games

Here is a list of cheat codes for the classic "Deer Hunter" PC video game, first published in 1997 by WizardWorks Software, which grant special game play modes and abilities.  

Note that some cheats may not work, depending on the version of the game.


Enter codes while in the overhead map view during play. A kill made while a cheat is active will include “cheat” in its description.

Cheat CodeEffect
dhdeermateLure only female deer.
dhdoeinheatLure only bucks.
dh2wrightHunter can fly.
dhsporttaxiFind large deer.
dhmonstersFind monster-size deer.
dhbigbucksEarn more money.
dhbuckdownDeer won't run at missed shots.
dhfastgunFaster rifle reloads.
dhstealthDeer can't see or smell the hunter.
dhhunterMakes the hunter silent.
dhbambiShow the location of all deer on the overhead map.
dhramboImprove hunter accuracy.
dhviperAny hit results in a kill.