Deck The Halls For a Fun, Tech Season

Geek out this holiday season with new, modern traditions

Star Trek ornaments on the tree

JD Hancock/CC by 2.0/Flickr 

Who says your tree has to look the same every year or that you have to maintain the same old holiday traditions? It's time to let your inner geek have some fun too.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to deck the halls by adding a bit of tech flair without spending a fortune. And here's to creating new traditions too!

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Top your tree with the wisdom of Yoda

Yoda lightsaber tree topper


Put the Jedi master, complete with a green light-up lightsaber, at the top of your holiday tree this year instead of the angel you’ve been hoisting up there for the last decade. He’s 12 inches tall, requires 3 AA batteries, and sports a festive white robe with his classic red garment underneath.

You can purchase the Star Wars Lighted Yoda Tree Topper for around $60. And check out the Star Wars cookie cutter set and this pack of 4 Star Wars Chewbacca Christmas stockings, too.

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Wrap presents in QR Code wrapping paper

Roll of QR code wrapping paper


Tired of using that same old wrapping paper year after year and thinking there’s not a single, cool option around? Check out QR Code wrapping paper from It comes in glossy, matte, linen, and Tyvek and runs about $25 a roll.

You can customize it with your unique QR code too, if you have one. It doesn’t just have to be black on white either; see what your code looks like in red, blue, or green, or just about any other hue, and put it on any color background as well. Once you have it just right, place your order!

While you’re visiting Zazzle check out the Emoji T-Shirts and consider wrapping them up in another wrapping option that geeky wrapping paper.

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Decorate with techie tree ornaments

Tree ornament with Griswold Family Christmas 1989 printed on it


If you’re ready to put away the silver and gold ball ornaments and finally create the holiday tree of your dreams, visit CafePress and look at the options there.

We love the 99 Bugs In The Code ornament for less than $20. My personal favorite here though is the Griswold Family Christmas 1989 ornament. Take a minute or two and explore CafePress for more ideas.

You can also make your own ornaments from left over tech you’ll might find in your garage, attic, or basement. You can get ideas from Pinterest. Here’s an idea for a wreath that's decorated with old RAM sticks, an Ethernet cable, and keys from a broken keyboard. Here’s another wreath made entirely of Legos!

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Create your own holiday décor with Legos

Storm Trooper and Ewok mini figs from Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar

TeacherHiebert/CC by 2.0/Flickr 

And speaking of Legos, visit and search “Christmas” or “Holidays” to find awesome Lego sets you can put together with the family and then proudly display around your house.

We like Santa’s Winter Holiday for the youngest ones. Kids as young as 2 years old can participate with adult supervision, and the entire set costs less than $30.

If you’re looking for something a bit more grown up and have some expendable cash, consider the Winter Holiday Train set. Yeah, it’s about $100 but think of all the fun you’ll have building it and how cool it’ll look on your mantle!