"Death Rally" Cheats for the PC

Use these cheats for more money, unlimited ammo, and more

Death Rally (PC)
Death Rally (PC). GT Interactive Software

The classic top-down vehicle racing and combat video game "Death Rally" for the PC offers several cheats that can be entered in the shop or during a race. Grant yourself money, points, unlimited ammo, and more.


Enter the following cheats at either the shop scenes or the race scenes.

Shop Scene Codes

Cheat CodeEffect
DRAWGet $1,000
DROOLGet $500,000
DROPGo down 10 points
DRIVEGo up 10 points


    Race Scene Codes

    Cheat CodeEffect
    DREADGet unlimited ammo
    DRAGGet unlimited turbo
    DRINKGet free rocket fuel
    DRUGEnable mushroom effect
    DRUBTake no damage


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