What Is a DCR File?

How to open, edit, and convert a DCR file

Digital Camera Raw or the DCR file extension can be a Kodak Raw Image file. These are uncompressed and unprocessed image files saved from a Kodak digital camera.

Some files with the DCR extension might instead be Shockwave Media files that are used to store web games. Other, less common formats that utilize the DCR extension include AstroVIEW X data logs, Delphi Component Binary Resources, Digital Court Recorder videos, and Liberty video recordings.

DCR files in Windows 10

How to Open a DCR File

DCR files that are Kodak Raw Image files can be opened with Able RAWer, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, and other conventional photo and graphics tools.

If you're confident that the DCR file you have isn't a Kodak Raw Image file, it could instead be a Shockwave Media file. If you still have access to either of the discontinued Adobe products (Adobe Director or Adobe Shockwave Player), that's another way to open it. iSwiff for macOS may work, too.

If you're attempting to open one of the less common formats mentioned above, try the steps outlined for the corresponding file:

  • AstroVIEW X Data Log: Try a text file editor, like Notepad in Windows, or one of the several other text editors.
  • Delphi Component Binary Resource: Opens with Delphi.
  • Digital Court Recorder Video: Playing and recording software available from BIS Digital.
  • Liberty Video Recording: Playing and recording software available from Liberty Recording Solutions.

Considering the numerous formats that might use the DCR extension (as well as the number of supporting programs), you may find that a program you have installed is configured as the default opening program for DCR files. There's always the option of changing the file association.

How to Convert a DCR File

Since not all DCR files are created from the same program, it's best to convert a DCR file using the specific software that created it.

For example, a DCR that's an image file can be opened in Photoshop or with a free image converter and then saved to a new format like JPG, PNG, and more.

Liberty Recording Solutions DCR files can be converted to WAV or WMA using Liberty Court Recorder. You can also export the DCR file to PDF with an embedded WMV file. The resulting WAV or WMA file can then be converted to MP3 or some other audio format using a free audio converter.

If you have a DCR file that's a video file or that's in a different format, try using the program that created it to export the data to a new format that's more popular, like MP4 or SWF.

Still Can't Open the File?

If your file won't open at this point and you've tried all the suggestions above, double-check that the file extension reads ".dcr" and not something that just looks similar. It's actually really easy to confuse another file extension for DCR since several others are spelled similarly.

For example, DRC shares all the same letters but is used for DRM Rights Object files. You can probably open one with a text editor but not the other programs mentioned above.

DC is another that's reserved for DesignCAD Design files. You can't open a DCR file with a DC opener, nor can you use a DCR-compatible program to open DC files.

Several other examples could be given here but you get the idea. If you have a different file extension than DCR at the end of the filename, then it's likely in a completely different format and you'll need a different program on your computer to open/convert it.

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