Dawna Roberts

Dawna Roberts



University of Phoenix


Web Development and Web Hosting


Mobile Devices and Smartphones

Consumer Technology

Applications and Software


  • Web development agency owner for 15 years; primary developer, web designer, and copywriter for hundreds of clients.
  • IT director for a mid-sized company; managed dozens of web servers, email platforms, and database systems for ESPN, the NFL, Target, and Disney.
  • Software developer since 1990.
  • Published in Forbes, Huffington Post, Actiontec, Launchberg, Airtable, Headstuff, Hackernoon, Techno FAQ, WPromote, Webfor, and many other online publications.


For Lifewire, Dawna specializes in web hosting, but she has been crafting digital content in the technology arena for 20+ years. She has spent most of her career in high-tech, from IT and software development to website design and building computers.

After selling her successful web development business, Dawna has focused on writing about technology to help other people. She has written hundreds of articles, guides, product reviews, comparisons, and opinion pieces.  More recently, she has been writing in-depth product guides for Launchberg and Airtable.

Some of her areas of expertise include cybersecurity, web hosting, and web-related products, and services, digital assets and operating systems (IOS and Android, Windows and Mac OS). She enjoys focusing on consumer technology and has reviewed home gadgets such as Amazon Echo, Nest Thermostat, and Ring Doorbell, along with mobile apps and computer software.

My Gear

I use a 27” Mac running OS Catalina (which I beta tested before it was released) for most of my work. For travel and the ability to work from anywhere, I also have a 2018 MacBook Pro (also running Catalina). All my files, images, email, and programs are synched through iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Docs, so I can work from any device and have access to all my stuff. I also use an iPad Pro (with cellular) running iOS 13 for work while out of my office.

I keep a Windows 10 machine handy for testing software and DVD ripping. I pay for high-speed internet through Xfinity and have a secure wireless network that I set up and manage. I also have Amazon Echo devices linked to all my home electronics to turn on and off lights, turn the heat up and down, and complex routines set up to begin and end my day.

For downtime, I watch shows and movies through my Roku and Apple TV, which I have linked via Wi-Fi to my network. For cellular, I use an iPhone 11 Pro Max (iOS 13) and Apple Watch 5 (watchOS 6.0.1). I also keep a Samsung Galaxy phone around for testing apps on Android.


Dawna earned her BS in Business/E-Commerce from the University of Phoenix. However, most of her technical knowledge comes from hands-on experience and self-study by reading volumes of 4” manuals on databases, software development, and web coding.

A Message from Dawna Roberts

Lifewire encompasses two of my favorite passions, writing, and technology. I could not ask for anything more than doing what I love and writing about topics I adore.

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