David Salway

David Salway works in State Government, as the Director of the Broadband Program Office. In this capacity, he expanded the scope of the Broadband Program Office to include additional functions such as public outreach, federal lobbying efforts, and coordination of the State’s Broadband Council activities. As the State’s single point of contact on all matters related to broadband, he has helped broadband project sponsors prepare grant applications for ARRA Broadband stimulus grant funding, and met with federal and State policy makers to advance and promote broadband issues, including infrastructure build-out and digital literacy efforts.

He has been featured as an expert guest on broadband on radio programs, quoted in newspaper and trade publications, and authored correspondence, articles, and policy papers on broadband and information technology topics.

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David Salway has over two decades of professional experience in Broadband, Telecommunications, Information Technology, and Finance. Mr. Salway has worked in the Telecommunications field for Fortune 500 companies in the telecommunications sector and State Government, and has been a Consultant for Broadband and the Telecom industry.

He is also a professional writer and journalist accredited with the National Writers Union, the National Press Club in Washington DC, and the International Federation of Journalists.


David Salway graduated from the State University of New York at Albany with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.

David Salway

Access to broadband is an important issue because broadband is a facilitator of so many diverse national initiatives, including economic development, public safety, healthcare, education, and entertainment. Broadband opens many doors of opportunities to job seekers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and employers. It is critical that innovation continues to drive application development, and both the availability and adoption of broadband continues to rise.

This is an incredibly exciting time for broadband. International attention has been focused on global broadband penetration, and in the United States, the National Broadband Plan was published to guide national broadband strategy and distribute broadband funding for many new projects. In addition, many innovative applications, platforms, and devices are being developed to leverage broadband technology. Watch this site for coverage of all these topics, including commentary and emerging trends in the broadband industry.

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