Dave Spohn

Dave is a computer game enthusiast and technology columnist whose work has appeared in several publications both online and in print. He has been writing on topics related to video games, computer hardware, and the Internet for over a decade. From his fortified compound in Canada he pursues a variety of interests, including graphics and 3D modeling.


Multiplayer gaming has been a passion of Dave's ever since Doom became playable over a LAN in the early 1990s. He was fragging with friends when games with online capabilities like Quake and Counter-Strike burst onto the scene, opening up a virtual paradise to gamers with Internet connections. Dave and his cohorts have since logged countless hours in various MMORPGs, online shooters, and strategy games, usually to the dismay of their girlfriends. In the last ten years Dave has written an extensive body of work on video games and computer technology, and he continues to be an active member of the online gaming community.


Dave has a BA from the University of Calgary, where he programmed his first lines of code in Pascal on a Unix terminal and toyed with text-based computer games in his spare time.

Dave Spohn

I hope to provide online gamers with a comprehensive resource on their favorite games, as well as a place to exchange news, views, and strategies with other gamers.

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