Dave Rankin

Dave Rankin is the co-owner of a digital creative agency. He's been a professional software developer since 1998, writing applications for the desktop, web, and mobile devices.


Having worked on everything from websites for small organizations and non-profits to web- and desktop-based applications for enterprise class corporations and the federal government, Dave has extensive experience providing technical solutions using many open source tools. On the side, Dave creates and distributes his own open source software along with electronic music he makes and releases under Creative Commons licenses.

Dave Rankin

From Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation's many contributions to Linus Torvalds' Linux operating system to Eric S. Raymond's The Cathedral and the Bazaar and everything else in-between, I'm passionate about free and open source software not only as a technology but also as a philosophy, a legal force, and a development model. I'm equally as fascinated by the way that the open source spirit has taken hold in so many fields outside of software development and is now changing how all kinds of things are done around the globe.

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