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Dark War II Screenshot
Dark War II Screenshot.

Dark War II is a side-scrolling action platform game developed by Blue Skull Entertainment and released in 2002 for Windows-based PCs. The game is the sequel to Dark War which was also developed by Blue Skull. The game was developed using The Games Factory game development engine which is a script-free development tool that allows developers and game designers the ability to develop arcade style games through front-end GUI interface rather than coding.

Dark War II Features & Game Play

Dark War II players take on the role of a soldier from a secret organization founded after the first human conflict with Demons in Dark War. This secret organization is called DWX and the player's role is to defeat the dark army that has risen again. Players will have many different types of weapons to choose from which come from a wide array of weapon types including swords, shotguns, flamethrowers, the deadly rail gun, explosives such as grenades and much more.

The game, like its predecessor, is a side-scrolling game where players will move from left to right across multiple game screens and maps battling a wide array of enemies. Along the way, players can purchase and find weapons that become more and more devastating to go along with nastier enemies. The premise and objective are fairly simple, kill as many enemies as possible to complete the levels and eventually win the game.

Dark War II includes both single and multiplayer game modes. The single-player campaign mode is complete with various missions and levels that provide challenging solo play while the multiplayer portion allows for co-operative play for up to two players. The game also includes a survival mode which is a tower defense style gameplay where players will try to survive for as long as possible through an endless onslaught of enemies.


Dark War II, as previously mentioned, was developed in 2002 by Blue Skill Entertainment. The game was developed and released as a freeware PC game and is still free to download and play. Unfortunately, their official website appears to no longer exist and the number of third-party gaming sites that host the game has dwindled with many hosting sites having dead, non-working download links to the game files.

Download Links

The below list of Dark War II download links has been confirmed to be working and zipped game files are available. In order to play Dark War II, simply download the game files from one of the hosting sites listed below, unzip, install and start playing.