D-Link DIR-615 Default Password

DIR-615 Default Password and Other Default Login Info

Black D-Link DIR-615 wireless router with two antennas

D-Link Systems, Inc.

Every version of the D-Link DIR-615 router has a default username of Admin and, like most D-Link routers, no default password.

The default IP address used to access the DIR-615 router is

The D-Link DIR-615 default username and password (which, again, is blank) is the same for each hardware and firmware version of the router you might have or be running, whether it be A, B, E, T, etc.

Next Steps If the DIR-615 Default Password Doesn't Work

At some point during the life of your particular D-Link DIR-615, the default password and/or username might have been changed. If so, obviously the default data above isn't going to give you access to your router.

Fortunately, you can reset your DIR-615 router if you can no longer get in. Doing so will replace the username and password you've forgotten with the default credentials you were just reading about above.

Resetting a router is different than restarting (rebooting) it. Resetting a router will remove all of its settings, not just the username and password. This means any wireless network settings, port forwarding options, etc. will be erased.

  1. Turn the DIR-615 router to its backside, where all the cables are connected.

  2. With the router still plugged in, use a paperclip or other small object to hold down the Reset button for 30 seconds.

    You can find the Reset button between the power connector and internet port.

  3. Wait another 30-60 seconds to let the router finish booting back up.

  4. Unplug the power cable from the back of the router and wait 10-30 seconds.

  5. Plug the power cable back in and let it power on completely (which should take less than 1 minute).

  6. You should now have access to your DIR-615 router at with the Admin username and blank password.

Now that you have access again, be sure to change the router's password to something you can remember as well as reconfigure any other settings that were lost, like the wireless network password, SSID, etc.

How to Save the Router's Settings

Something you can do to avoid having to manually reenter all these settings in the future if you reset your router again, is to back up all the settings any time you make changes to them.

You can save the settings and customizations that you've made to the DIR-615 through the TOOLS > SYSTEM > Save Configuration button. You can restore the router settings at any time, whether it be after you made an error in the settings or after you've reset the whole router; it's as easy as loading it through the Restore Configuration from File button on the same page.

To walk through these menus to see where these buttons are, check out this online emulator of the DIR-615 router.

If You Can't Access the DIR-615 Router

If you can't even get to the login page of your DIR-615 router because you're not sure what the IP address is, the process to figure this out is much simpler than resetting the entire router's set of configurations.

If you have another device in your network that has regular internet access, go to it and check its default gateway IP address. This will tell you the IP address of your DIR-615 router.

See How to Find the Default Gateway IP Address if you need help doing that.

D-Link DIR-615 Manual & Firmware Download Links

You can download user manuals and firmware directly from the D-Link website on the D-Link DIR-615 Downloads page. The manuals are available in the PDF format.

There are several different hardware versions for the D-Link DIR-615 router, so be sure you have the correct one selected, especially before you download firmware, but also to ensure that you're reading the correct manual. The hardware version for your D-Link DIR-615 router should be located on a sticker on the bottom of the router or possibly the bottom of the original packaging.

Other details and downloads for this router can be found on the D-Link DIR-615 Support page on D-Link's website. In addition to firmware and user manuals are are FAQs, videos, datasheets, setup programs, and emulators (though not all versions of the DIR-615 have all of these downloads).