D-Link DIR-600 Default Password

What is the default login for a D-Link DIR-600 Wi-Fi router?

By default, most D-Link routers don't require a password to log in to the router interface. This is true for the DIR-600, just leave the password field blank. However, D-Link routers such as this one do have a username—the default username for the DIR-600 is admin. The default IP address for the D-Link DIR-600 is Almost all D-Link routers use this same IP address.

There's only one hardware version of this router, so the information above is true for all D-Link DIR-600 routers.

Help! The Default Login for a D-Link DIR-600l Wi-Fi Router Doesn't Work!

The default login credentials (discussed above) for the DIR-600 are set by the manufacturer, and these credentials are used when the router is installed for the first time. However, it's recommended that this information be changed so that it's harder for someone to make changes to the router.

The router password is different from the Wi-Fi password. The former is discussed on this page, which is the login details for getting into the administrative part of the router so you can do things like set up a Wi-Fi network or set custom DNS servers. The Wi-Fi password is what your devices need to access the internet.

D-Link DIR-600 Default Password
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When the default username and password for the DIR-600 is changed, you must remember a new set of credentials instead of these default ones. If you don't know the new login information, reset the D-Link DIR-600 router to its factory settings, which will restore the username and password back to the default.

To reset the DIR-600 router:

  1. Power on the router and flip it around so you have access to the back where the cables are connected.

  2. With a paperclip or another small and pointed object, press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds.

  3. Wait about 30 seconds for the router to reboot.

  4. When the cable light stops blinking, unplug the power cable from the back of the router for a few seconds, then plug it back in.

  5. Wait 60 seconds or so for the device to fully boot back up. Be sure that the network cable is firmly attached to the back of the router.

  6. After the reset, use the default IP address to access the login page. Log in with the default username of admin.

  7. Change the default password for the router to something other than the default, but not to something too difficult that you'll forget it. We have some examples of strong passwords you can use as guidance.

    A great way to never forget passwords is to use a password manager. Then passwords can be as complex as you want without having to remember what you chose.

When a router is reset, custom settings (such as the username and password) are removed along with the wireless network settings such as the SSID and guest network settings. This information will need to be entered into the router again.

After you log in, configure the network settings, then back up the settings. To back up the settings, go to the router's TOOLS > SYSTEM menu and select Save Configuration. If you reset the router in the future, restore your custom settings using the same menu and selecting Restore Configuration From File.

Help! I Can’t Access My DIR-600 Router!

The router has its own IP address that you need to know to access it. By default, this router uses ​ However, just like with the username and password, since this address can be changed to something else, you might not be able to reach it using the default information.

Computers that are connected to the router store this IP address as the default gateway. You don't have to reset the DIR-600 router to find out the router's IP address. For Windows, follow our guide on how to find the default gateway IP address for help. The IP address you find is the address you enter in a web browser to log on to the router.

D-Link DIR-600 Manual & Firmware Links

The D-Link website includes everything related to this router. We couldn't locate the official support page from the US version of the D-Link website, but there are alternatives.

For example, if you need firmware downloads or a link to the user manual, you can get them through the DIR-600 Download page, available through the company's Australian website.

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