D-Link DI-524 Default Password

DI-524 Default Password and Other Default Login Info

Picture of a D-Link DI-524 router
D-Link DI-524 Router.


Most D-Link routers don't need a password by default, and that's true for the DI-524 router, too. When logging in to your DI-524, just leave the password field blank.

However, there is a default username for the D-Link DI-524. When asked to enter the username, use admin. is the default IP address for the D-Link DI-524. This is the address that networked computers connect to, as well as the IP address that's used as a URL to make changes to the DI-524 through a web browser.

There are four different hardware versions for the DI-524 router (A, C, D, and E), but each of them use the exact same default password and IP address (and don't need a username).

Help! The DI-524 Default Password Doesn't Work!

If the blank default password for your DI-524 router isn't working, it most likely means you've changed it since it was first installed (which is good). However, the bad thing about changing the password to anything other than a blank one is that it's easier to forget it.

If you've forgotten your DI-524 password, you can just reset the router to its factory default settings, which will restore the password to the blank default one, as well as restore the username to admin.

Restoring the router back to factory default settings will not only remove a custom username and password but also any other changes you've made, like the Wi-Fi password, custom DNS settings, etc. Make sure you record those settings somewhere or make a back up of all the settings (skip down past these instructions to see how to do that).

Here's how to reset the D-Link DI-524 router (it's the same for all four versions):

  1. Turn the router around so you can see the back of it where the antenna, network cable, and power cable is plugged in.

  2. Before doing anything else, make sure the power cable is firmly attached.

  3. With something small and sharp, like a paperclip or pin, hold down the button inside the Reset hole for 10 seconds.

    The reset hole should be on the far right side of the router, next to the power cable.

  4. Wait 30 seconds for the DI-524 router to finish resetting, and then unplug the power cable for a few seconds.

  5. Once you've reattached the power cable, wait another 30 seconds or so for the router to fully boot back up.

  6. Now you can log in to the router with the default admin password from above, through

  7. It's important to change the router's default password because a blank password definitely isn't secure. You might also consider changing the username to something other than admin. Use a free password manager to store this information so you don't forget it again!

Remember to reenter any custom settings that you want back but were lost during the restoration process. If you made a backup, use the DI-524's Tools > System menu to find the Load button that should be used to apply the configuration file. If you want to make a new backup, use the Save button on the same page.

Help! I Can’t Access My DI-524 Router!

If you can't reach the DI-524 router through the default IP address, you've probably just changed it to something else. Fortunately, unlike with the password, you don't have to restore the entire router just to find out the IP address.

Any computer that's connected to the router can be used to find the router's IP address. This is called the default gateway. See How to Find the Default Gateway IP Address if you need help doing this in Windows.

D-Link DI-524 Manual & Firmware Links

The DI-524 Support page on the D-Link website is where you can find all the downloads and help documents for this router.

If you need the user manual for the DI-524 router, be sure you choose the right one for your specific router's hardware version. Visit the link we just mentioned and then choose your hardware version from the list. The user manual is listed along with some other files you can download (you'll need a PDF reader since the manuals come as PDF files).

On the D-Link website is a link to download updated firmware for the DI-524 router, but be sure you choose the correct link for the hardware version of your router. The bottom of the router should tell you the hardware version - it may be abbreviated as "H/W Version."