What Is a CVX File?

How to open, edit, & convert CVX files

A file with the CVX file extension is a Canvas Version 6, 7, 8, 9 Graphic file used in ACD Systems' Canvas software.

Drawing files in the CVX format can hold project settings like image effects and layers, as well as both vector and raster graphics.

CVX Files

Be careful to not mix up the CVX and CMX file formats. CMX files are Metafile Exchange Image files, and while they're similar to CVX files, you can't open and convert them using all of the exact same tools.

How to Open a CVX File

CVX files can be opened with ACD Systems' Canvas program, version 6 and newer. Another program from ACD Systems, ACDSee, supports the CVX format too.

Canvas 11 and newer are built specifically for the Windows operating system. Canvas was discontinued for macOS in 2007, after Canvas X.

If neither Canvas nor ACDSee can open your CVX file, it's possible that you have a file that uses the CVX file extension but that doesn't have anything to do with ACD Systems software. If you suspect this to be the case, try opening the CVX file in Notepad++, Windows Notepad, or any other text editor.

Although being able to view a file in a text editor doesn't work for most file types, it's possible your specific CVX file is just a text file, in which case it will work just fine. Even if the text editor displays some readable text, but isn't entirely made up of text, it might help you learn what program was used to create the file, which can help you research a compatible CVX opener.

If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the CVX file but it's the wrong application or if you would rather have another installed program open CVX files, you can always change the default program to open for a specific file extension in Windows.

How to Convert a CVX File

The Canvas software can export a CVX file to JPG, PNG, TIF, and a number of other image formats, as well as to PDF, DXF, CVI, and DWG. The option to do this can be found in the save as or export menu option, depending on the version.

You can also use Canvas to export a Canvas Version 6, 7, 8, 9 Graphic file to EPS for use in other programs like Adobe Illustrator, or to PSD for use in Adobe Photoshop.

You cannot usually change a file extension (like the .CVX file extension) to one that your computer recognizes (like .PNG) and expect the newly renamed file to be usable. In most cases, an actual file format conversion using a method like the one described above must take place first.

Still Can't Open the File?

If you still can't open the CVX file, double-check that you're not confusing it with a format of a similar spelling like a CV, CXF, Flow-Cal Data (CFX), ClamAV Virus Database file (CVD), IBM Rational XDE Collaboration file (CBX), or Amiga 8SVX Sound file (SVX) file.

Each one of these formats is entirely different from the one used with ACD Systems software and therefore are opened with different programs.

  • What is an ACD file?

    Files with the ACD extension are Sony ACID music editing software files. They can be opened with programs likes Sony ACID Pro 7, Sony ACID Music Studio 8, and Sony ACID Xpress. The ACD format has nothing to do with ACD Systems software.

  • What is Canvas X?

    Canvas X is a program used for creating vector and raster graphics for illustrations, animation, and web publications. It can also be used for things like photo editing, making presentations, and visualizing workflows.

  • What are vectors in animation?

    Vector animation refers to animation made up of shapes rather than pixels. Vector graphics can be scaled without losing quality, and vector animation is smoother because images are rendered using mathematical values instead of set pixel values.

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