Create Customized Envelopes in Microsoft Word

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Creating envelopes in Microsoft Word isn't difficult. A special tool in the program automatically creates an envelope for you. All you need to do is insert your return address and the recipient’s address. You also can customize the envelope to suit your needs.

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Open the Envelope Tool

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To open the envelope tool, click or tap the Mailings menu group then select Envelopes to open the Envelopes and Labels wizard.

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Enter Your Address

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Enter your return address and your recipient's address in the Envelopes and Labels wizard.

When you enter a return address, Word will ask if you want to save the address as the default. Every time you open the dialog box, this return address will appear. To omit the return address, select Omit before you click Print.

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Changing Envelope Feed Options

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Force Word to conform to your printer's native envelope-printing standard by telling Word how you feed the envelope into your printer. Click the Feed button in the Envelopes and Labels wizard. The Envelope Options dialog box opens to the Printing Options tab.

Specify the way you will feed the envelope into your printer by clicking one of the buttons at the top. To change the direction of the envelope, click Clockwise rotation.

If you have a separate tray in your printer for envelopes, you can specify that, too. Just click the drop-down box below Feed from.

After you’ve set your options, click OK.

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Changing the Envelope Size

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To change the size of your envelope, click the Options button on the Envelopes and Labels dialog box. Then click on the Envelope Options tab.

Use the drop-down box labeled Envelope size to select the size of your envelope. If the correct size isn’t listed, select Custom size. Word will prompt you to enter the dimensions of your envelope.

You can also change how far from the edge of the envelope your return and delivery addresses appear. Just use the selection boxes in the appropriate section to change this.

Once you’re done specifying your options, click OK

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Changing the Envelope Font Styles

Changing the Envelope Font Styles

You’re not locked into the default fonts for your envelope. In fact, you can choose any font, font style, and font color you desire.

To change the fonts on your envelope, click the Font button on the Envelope Options tab in the Envelope Options dialog box. Specify the font for the return and delivery address individually.

When you click the Font button, a dialog box will open showing your font options (much like in a normal Word document). Choose your options and click OK.

Remember that the automated scanners of the United States Postal Service and the eyeballs of individual letter carriers must be able to read your addressing information. Avoid ornate typestyle choices that resist easy at-a-glance comprehensibility.