Customizing a Moto X Pure Edition Smartphone

How to use the Moto Maker to design your smartphone

Motorola's latest unlocked smartphone, the Moto X Pure Edition ($399.99 and up) is now shipping, and you can design your own using the Moto Maker tool. The Moto X is available in many different color combinations and textures and the tool is a lot of fun to play around with. I recently designed my own Moto X smartphone (spoiler alert: I went with a white front and a gray back with gray accents). Here's a look at how the process works. (Disclosure: Motorola will provide me with a Moto X Pure Edition for free; I will use it as a review unit.) 

But on to the Moto Maker, which, by the way, you can also use to design a Moto 360 smartwatch.

First up, you choose how much storage you want: 16GB, 32GB ($50 extra), or 64GB ($100 extra). Then you can delve into color and texture options for the front and back of the phone as well as accent colors.

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Frame and front colors

Moto X frame and front
Frame and front options.

For the Moto X Pure Edition smartphone's frame and front you can choose between three options: white and silver, white and champagne or black and dark gray. 

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Front and frame in white and champagne

Moto X in white and champagne

The white and champagne color combination is available only with the 32GB and 64GB versions, both of which cost extra. 

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Back colors and textures

Moto X back
Moto X: back color and material options.

For the back, you get many more color options, and a choice of three textures. The soft grip texture is available in winter white, black, slate, raspberry, cabernet, lime, turquoise, dark teal, royal blue and deep sea blue. For an extra $25, you can get a wood texture in bamboo, walnut, ebony, or charcoal ash. The leather texture (also $25 extra) comes in four colors: natural leather, cognac, black, or red.

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Back view with accent color

Moto X back color
Moto X back color.

In this example, you can see the back panel in dark teal (soft grip) with a metallic lemon lime accent color around the camera lens.

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Wood back

Moto X wood back

This is the wood back panel in walnut with a metallic royal blue accent color and a white and silver front. 

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Accent color options

Moto X accent colors
Accent color choices.

In addition to lemon lime, you can opt for metallic silver, dark gray, champagne, red, pink, or blue to add some pop around the camera lens and speaker.

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Pink accent color

Moto X Accent Color
Moto X pink accent color.

Here you can see the back panel of the Moto X in dark gray with a metallic pink accent color. 

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Moto X engraving

Once you've chosen your colors, you can engrave up to 14 characters on the back of the Moto X Pure Edition. Motorola points out that different colors better showcase the engraving, so it's a good idea to preview your build with a few different colors if you really want this feature. Here, you can see my first name engraved against the lime soft grip back with gray accents.

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Your personalized greeting

Moto X personalized greeting

Almost done. Next you can choose a greeting (up to 18 characters) that you'll see whenever you restart your phone. You can leave this blank, but you can't change it once you place your order. I had thought it would be something you could modify in your settings, but as Motorola says, "The greeting you choose here is yours for eternity! Select something you'll be happy with permanently." Glad I picked a good one.

Finally, since the Moto X Pure Edition is unlocked, you can provide your own SIM card or purchase one from Motorola for $5 for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, or Verizon Wireless.