How to Customize Your Windows Browser

Customize your Windows browser

Browsing tabs, extensions, and private mode add a convenient dimension to using the web. Some of these features are highly customizable, giving you the ability to tailor your favorite browser to your liking.

Want to learn how to customize your go-to Windows browser? Check out these step-by-step tutorials on how to change your browser's look and feel as well as how to enhance its capabilities.

Instructions in this article apply to Windows 10.

Customize Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the default browser that comes with Windows 10. You can customize the look by selecting the three dot menu in the upper-right corner, which opens a drop-down menu. Select Settings and change the theme from Light to Dark (or vice versa).

Microsoft Edge settings.

Some extensions may also allow for different themes. Select Extensions in the first drop-down menu, or search for extensions in the Microsoft Store.

Customize Opera Using Color Schemes and Wallpaper

The Opera browser lets you alter its appearance by modifying the color scheme (light or dark) as well as choose from dozens of wallpapers. This tutorial shows you how to locate and install free skins as well as change Opera's color scheme.

Opera browser settings page.

Customize Firefox Using Personas

Personas (themes) is a feature that allows you to change the look and feel of the Firefox browser. With thousands of colorful and creative themes to choose from, Personas gives you the ability to instantly give Firefox a fresh coat of paint as often as you would like. Learn the ins and outs of Personas in just a few painless minutes.

Firefox themes page.

Customize Google Chrome Using Themes

Themes in Google Chrome can be used to modify the visual appearance of the browser, altering everything from the scrollbar to the background color of the tabs. Chrome provides a simple interface to locate and install new themes. This tutorial explains how to utilize that interface. You can also create your own themes.

Chrome webstore displaying themes.