Steps for Customizing Desktop Wallpaper in Ubuntu

Changing the wallpaper for GNOME Shell is point-and-click simple

After installing Ubuntu onto your computer, the next step is customization. After all, it's your computer and it should look and feel like it belongs to you. Appearance settings in Ubuntu are slightly different from other operating systems and may take some getting used to.

This procedure works for Ubuntu Linux, version 19.10, using the default GNOME Shell. Procedures are similar for previous versions of the Ubuntu distribution — including Ubuntu 18.04 LTS — but differ for alternative desktop environments.

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Access the Desktop Settings

Drop-down on Ubuntu desktop

To change the desktop wallpaper settings within Ubuntu, right-click on the desktop. In the menu that appears, click Change background to reveal the Background Settings screen.

You can also bring up these settings with the Dash by either pressing the Win key or clicking on the top item on the launcher and typing background into the search box. Click the Background icon when it appears.

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Choose a Preset Desktop Wallpaper

Background setting in Ubuntu

The Background Settings screen lists stock wallpapers. Click Add Picture to incorporate your own image into the list.

Click any image to reveal a pop-up menu. Select Set Background, Set Lock Screen, or Set Background and Lock Screen as you prefer.

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