Top Customizations for Getting More Out of Microsoft Office for iPad

Microsoft Office for iPad offers a clean, straight-forward user interface, but as any user of office software knows, a few settings may be lurking in the background doing unexpected things.

Here's how to take control of your Office for iPad experience with a few simple settings. Taking mere minutes to go over these could save you some headaches!

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Settings or Features to Customize in Microsoft Office for iPad

iPad Apps for Productivity

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How to Turn AutoSave Options On or Off in Microsoft Office for iPad

Saving Options in Microsoft Word for iPad

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By default, Microsoft Office for iPad programs works on an AutoSave principle. To turn AutoSave off (not recommended), select the icon in the upper left, which looks like a paper with refresh arrows.

Then, move the AutoSave slider to on or off.

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Restore a Previous Version of an Office for iPad Document

Restoring a Document in PowerPoint for iPad

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The previous slide showed how to turn AutoSaving on or off, which affects whether or not you can restore a previous version of a document in Microsoft Office for iPad.

Again, select the icon with the page and the refresh arrows. Then select Restore and make your selection. If this is grayed out, it may be that you do not have previous versions saved or have not set up your online account.


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How to Track Changes in Microsoft Office for iPad

How to Track Changes in Word for iPad

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Microsoft Word for iPad allows you to toggle a feature known as Track Changes on or off.

This is an editing feature. Once selected, Track Changes keeps a record of what you change in a document from that point forward. Then, other editors can accept or reject those changes.

To activate, tap the Review tab and swipe the Track Changes slider to the right.


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How to Turn Spell Check On or Off in Microsoft Office for iPad

Check Spelling in Microsoft Word for iPad

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Microsoft Office for iPad does not include a full-fledged, itemized spell check process like you may be used to in desktop versions. Instead, Microsoft Office for iPad programs is set to continually check your spelling by default.

While creating a document, you can double-tap any words marked with red. This gives you options for replacements, or you can just manually re-type the offending word.

If you do want to switch spell check on or off, select View – Swipe the slider left or right according to your preference.

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Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Signing Into Microsoft OneDrive on iPad

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Consider customizing your Office for iPad experience by upgrading your Microsoft OneDrive cloud account for more control, storage space, and options. You may be interested in Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

If you are willing to pay more, the benefits may be worth it for you or your professional team.

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Use AirPlay Mirroring to Print or Present Microsoft Office for iPad Documents

Tablet Menu in Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad

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Apple's iPad features a built-in AirPlay utility for sharing to other peripherals. If you have an Apple TV or similar screen hooked up, you can do AirPlay Mirroring to this screen for a PowerPoint.

While presenting your slideshow, you would access the iPad's system menu by swiping upward from the bottom of the screen, for example.

Depending on your printer, you may be able to use AirPlay to print.




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Use the Office Lens Feature on Microsoft OneNote for Ipad

Microsoft Office Lens in OneNote for iPad

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Microsoft's Office Lens capabilities in OneNote for iPad allow you to photograph and then digitize documents into an existing set of notes, such as a very sloppily-written recipe for Peanut Butter Bars.

Once you've downloaded Office Lens to your iPad, here's how you capture information. Open Microsoft OneNote - Insert - Camera - Take a picture using the purple shutter button on the right - Swipe left (or tap 'Document') - Tap Check Mark Icon (bottom right).

One of the coolest things about this is, you don't even have to line up the document when you snap your picture of it. The image shown here will be straightened out. You can also play with the cropping.


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Add Lync 2013, Skype, or Yammer to Microsoft Office for iPad

Lync 2013 Videoconferencing


Consider adding communication apps to your Office for iPad lineup.

Here are three options to check out:

  • Yammer App on iTunes - is an enterprise social network tool which organizes contacts, shared content, conversations, and more
  • Microsoft Lync for iPad on iTunes is all about online communication with others using voice, video, instant messaging, and more.
  • Skype for iPad on iTunes is a nice personal option for online voice, video, instant messaging, and more.