How to Customize Message Responses on Apple Watch

Create your own custom text message replies

What to Know

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone and select Messages.
  • Tap Default Replies and then tap Add reply at the bottom.
  • Enter your custom response and tap Done on the keyboard.

This article explains how to create text message responses on Apple Watch. We’ll also show you how to edit or delete a custom reply, as well as arrange your reply list to put the ones you use most at the top.

Customize Text Message Responses for Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch offers many premade responses you can use for text messages. This feature lets you quickly reply to a text with “On my way,” “Thank you,” or “See you soon” with a tap. But if you want to customize your response messages, it’s super simple.

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and select Messages.

  2. Tap Default Replies.

  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap Add reply.

    Adding a default reply in the Messages from the Apple Watch app for iPhone.
  4. When the keyboard pops open, type your message and tap Done when you finish.

    You’ll then see your new custom message at the bottom of the list. 

    Typing and saving a new custom response in the Apple Watch app for iPhone.

Rearrange Message Responses

When you create a custom text message response, it falls to the bottom of the reply list by default. But you can move it up to the top or anywhere in the list you like.

  1. On the Default Replies screen, tap Edit on the top right.

  2. Drag the reply you want to move upward to its new spot in the list and release. You can continue to move additional custom messages the same way if you like.

  3. Tap Done when you finish arranging your list.

    Rearranging the default replies from the Apple Watch app for iPhone.

What About Smart Replies?

If you have Smart Replies enabled, your custom message may not appear at the top of the list on your Apple Watch. The Smart Replies feature prioritizes the responses it believes you may want to use based on the message you received.

One option is to disable Smart Replies by turning off the toggle on the Default Replies screen. Then your responses will display on Apple Watch in the order you arrange them.

Turning off Smart Replies in the Apple Watch app for iPhone.

If you prefer to leave Smart Replies turned on, you should still see your custom responses on Apple Watch. They will simply appear somewhere within the list of replies.

Custom reply in response list on Apple Watch

Edit or Remove Custom Message Responses

If you want to change a message response you’ve created or remove one you no longer use, this is also quite simple. Head back to Messages > Default Replies in the Watch app.

To edit a response, select it. Then, use the keyboard that appears to make your change and tap Done.

To delete a response, tap Edit > the minus sign in red on the left of the reply > Delete. Tap Done.

Editing and deleting default replies from the Apple Watch app for iPhone.

Use Your Custom Response

To use one of your custom responses when sending a text message on Apple Watch, scroll down the message screen until you see the Suggestions. Tap the one you want to use, and it’ll pop into your text message.

Use custom response on Apple Watch
  • How do I change the language on my Apple Watch responses?

    To switch the language for a smart reply, scroll down on your Apple Watch > tap Languages > and choose your preferred language. If you don't see the language you'd like to switch to on your device, check the language settings on your iPhone. Select Settings > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard.

  • How do I customize the watch face on my Apple Watch?

    To customize your Apple Watch face, tap and hold your current watch face > swipe left > tap New > scroll left or right to view installed watch faces > and tap the option you want to use. Select Edit to customize the information or add special features. Alternatively, use the Apple Watch app on your iPhone to apply a new watch face from the Face Gallery tab.

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