Find Free and Custom Twitter Backgrounds

Make Your Twitter Profile Unique

Twitter offers several free background options that you can use on your Twitter profile, but if you want to make your Twitter profile more unique or brand it to match your personal or business brand, then you should consider finding an alternate free background design.  Even better, you can invest in a custom Twitter background that only you can use.  Following are several Web sites where you can find free and custom Twitter backgrounds.

Social Identities

Twitter HQ: Logo artwork
Copyright Marisa Allegra Williams (@marisa) for Twitter, Inc.

Social Identities offers a variety of free Twitter backgrounds as well as custom Twitter background creation services.  Some of the most popular Twitter users have had their own Twitter backgrounds designed by Social Identities.  The prices are competitive and the results are excellent.

Twitr Backgrounds

Twitr Backgrounds offers free Twitter backgrounds as well as personalized Twitter backgrounds for a very low fee.  You can upload up to four of your own photos to the personalized Twitter background creator tool to test it out.  If you like the results, you can install your background after paying the required fee.  Twitr Backgrounds also offers fully customized Twitter background design services for a higher fee.


Twitbacks allows you to choose a free Twitter background and personalize it with your social media profile links, your photo, bio, logo, and more for free.  You have to register to use the site (at no cost) and then follow the steps provided to choose your free Twitter background and personalize it.


Twitter-Backgrounds offers a large variety of free Twitter backgrounds.  You can click through the list of category links in the left sidebar of the Twitter-Backgrounds Web site to find an appropriate background for your Twitter profile.