How to Use Custom Fonts in Yahoo Mail

Add a personal touch to messages with custom fonts in Yahoo Mail

Most email services use easy-to-read fonts such as Garamond, Arial, or Courier as the default for text. With Yahoo Mail, you can use custom fonts to add a personal touch to your messages.

Instructions in this article apply only to the standard web version of Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail Basic and the Yahoo Mail app do not support alternate fonts.

How to Use Custom Fonts in Yahoo Mail

To write a message using a custom font in Yahoo Mail:

  1. Select Compose to start a new message.

    Compose button in Yahoo Mail
  2. Click the body of the message, go to the toolbar at the bottom of the window, then select AA.

  3. Select a font and text size.

    Font options in Yahoo Mail

    These changes are not permanent. Subsequent new email messages revert to the default font and text size.

  4. Type your message.

  5. To change the font and text size while composing a message, highlight the text and select AA.

    If you've already typed the message, you can highlight sections of it and apply text formatting by selecting AA.

Other Font and Text Enhancements for Yahoo Mail

Use the formatting toolbar to add enhancements to text such as:

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Color and highlighting
  • Bullet lists
  • Ordered lists
  • Paragraph alignment
  • Hyperlinks

Select the ellipses (...) on the toolbar to reveal additional options.

All of these features require Rich Text formatting to display. If you select the option in the formatting bar to switch to plain text, none of the enhancements will show. The same applies if the recipient has chosen to only accept plain text messages. In that case, none of your enhancements appear on the recipient's end.

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