Current Wii U-Related Kickstarter Projects

Here's Who Wants Your Money to Make a Wii U Game

Crowdfunding has become a big thing in the indie game business, primarily thanks to Kickstarter, a site entrepreneurs can use to try and get funding for their projects. This page lists games currently running crowdfunding projects that are promising a Wii U version. Eventually I move funded, officially announced games to my list of announced games for the Wii U, but I've decided to do that sparingly, as so many kickstarter games have turned out to be vaporware. 

Many sites have a very loose definition of whether a game will come to the Wii U. For example, they would list a game on this page because in an interview a developer said, when asked, that they hadn’t ruled out the console. The games listed below are ones in which the developer specifically mentions the Wii U as a goal on the site.



Game: Almag  
Description: 2D RPG with an unusual visual style.
Goal: $40,000
Wii U priority: Medium-high: planned for PC and either the Wii U or NX.
Prospects: DOA: It will be a miracle if they make it to .00075 of their goal.
Deadline:  June 11, 2016? (Hard to tell with IndieGogo)

GamePaper Tails (Pixel Barrage) 
Description: Paper-themed RPG.
Goal: $175,000
Wii U priority: Medium low; one of the highest stretch goals at $400,000.
Prospects: Too soon to tell.
Deadline:  June 3, 2016

Game: Ren Hu: Rebel Yell (Lethal) 
Description: Beat'em Up.
Goal: $28,949
Wii U priority: Medium; one of the lower stretch goals at 50,250€.
Prospects: Not great; pledges are coming in at too slow a pace.
Deadline:  March 28, 2016



GameYooka-Laylee (Playtonic) 
Description: "Spiritual successor" to N64 platformer Banjo-Kazooie.
Budget: £2,090,104
Wii U priority: Medium; releasing for all PC and all next-gen platforms.
Funded: June 16, 2015

GameBloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Koji Igarashi) 
Description: 2D sidescrolling platformer in the vein of Castlevania, which Igarashi was a big part of.
Budget/goal: $5,545,991/500,000
Wii U priority: Medium-low; was introduced as a $3,000,000 stretch goal halfway through.
Funded: June 12, 2015

GameSydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death (John Lester) 
Description: An action-adventure for the SNES.
Budget/goal: $39,252/10,000
Wii U priority: Medium; a $30,000 stretch goal makes it the third console after the SNES and NES. 
Funded: May 30, 2015

GameLittle Devil Inside (NeoStream) 
Description: Cool-looking action-adventure-RPG.
Budget/goal: $306,515 AUD
Wii U priority: Medium-low. Wii U stretch added in the last few days, although a very reasonable one.
Funded: May 25, 2015

GameThe Song of Seven: Chapter 1 (Enlightened) 
Description: Point-and-click adventure game. 
Budget/goal: $8,000/8,544
Wii U priority: High; one of three platforms, alongside PC and PS4.
Funded: March 26, 2015

GameSuper Cucumber/Down the Drain (Cubicorn) 
Description: Two side-scrolling games.
Budget/goal: $10,149/10,000
Wii U priority: High; base platforms are PC, PS4, and Wii U.
Funded: March 22, 2015  

GameSneaky Ninja (Starfall) 
Description: Fun-looking stealth platformer.
Budget/goal: $10,867/10,000
Wii U priority: High; only console base goal alongside PC versions
Funded: March 12, 2015

GameStrength of the Sword Ultimate (Ivent) 
Description: 3D Fighting Game/Brawler.
Budget/goal: $88,093/14,000
Wii U priority: Medium; lowest home-console stretch goal at $40,000.
Funded: March 11, 2015

GameChildren of Morta (Dead Mage) 
Description: Retro hack'n'slash.
Budget/goal: $108,938/65,000
Wii U priority: Medium; stretch goal. 
Funded: February 19, 2015  

GameHollow Knight (Team Cherry) 
Description: Nice-looking platformer.
Budget/goal: $57,138/35,000 (AUD)
Wii U priority: Medium; only console that had a stretch goal.
Funded: December 18, 2014

GameAnimal Gods [Reborn] (Still) 
Description: 2D top-down action-adventure.
Budget/goal: $26,775/26,000
Wii U priority: High, only console in base goal. 
Funded: November 7, 2014

GameHeroes Never Lose: Professor Puzzler's Perplexing Ploy (Osama Dorias) 
Description: Action-puzzle game.
Budget/goal: $13,333/9,000 (CAD)
Wii U priority: Medium-high; only console funded.
Funded: October 9, 2014  

GameNefarious (Josh Hano) 
Description: Cute side-scrolling action-platformer in which you're the princess-kidnapping villain.
Budget/Original goal: $50,331/50,000
Wii U priority: Highigh, only console planned for, although it will also arrive for all PC flavors.
Funded: September 19, 2014

GameStash: No Loot Left Behind (Frogdice) 
Description: MMORPG
Budget/Original goal: $52,022/50,000
Wii U priority: Medium, will come out for PCs first, then comes out for four consoles.
Funded: September 12, 2014  

GameHive Jump (Graphite Lab) 
Description: Run-and-gun sci-fi action platformer for 1-4 players.
Budget/original goal: $58,675/50,000
Wii U priority: Medium-high; it's the only guaranteed console, but it will come after the PC versions.
Funded: September 6, 2014

GameA Rite from the Stars (Risin' Goat) 
Description: Point-and-click adventure game.
Budget/original goal: $41,302/40,000
Wii U priority: Medium, one of several planned platforms. 
Funded: September 5, 2014

GameRed Goddess: Inner World (Yanim) 
Description: Side-scrolling platformer which previously failed on Kickstarter as Red Goddess.
Budget/original goal: $40,235/30,000
Wii U priority: Medium. One of six planned platforms.
Funded: June 6, 2014

GameHover (Midgar) 
Description: Parkour game; Jet Set Radio meets Mirror's Edge.
Budget/original goal: $116,398/38,000
Wii U priority: Medium-low, as it was the highest stretch goal (which was met), but they're promising asymmetric gameplay for the Wii U version.
Funded: May 22, 2014

GamePopup Dungeon (Ring Runner) 
Description: A "roguelike papercraft RPG" with a very flexible creation system.
Budget/original goal: $100,946/80,000
Wii U priority: Medium-high: The developers said their Wii U stretch goal would make it happen sooner, but it was a definite for the console. That stretch goal was reached in the final hours
Funded: May 18, 2014

GameHeart Forth, Alicia (Alonso Martin) 
Description: A side-scrolling platformer/RPG.
Budget/original goal: $232,365/60,000
Wii U priority: Medium-low: Was added as a stretch goal halfway through the drive, but they made it.
Funded: May 18, 2014

GameShaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn (Big Deez Productions)
Description: Sequel to the unsuccessful 1994 fighting game.
Budget/original goal: $473,884/450,000
Wii U priority: Medium; originally the Wii U was a distant stretch goal, although now it's one of six intended platforms.

GameCosmochoria (Nate Schmold)
Description: You control a naked, seed-planting cosmonaut.
Budget/original goal: $28,696/10,000
Wii U priority: Medium, it was the first console stretch goal, and they made it.

GameApexicon (Actos)
Description: Puzzle-RPG, a genre most famously represented by Puzzle Quest.
Budget/original goal: $5,638/5,000
Wii U priority: High; it's planned for the PC and Wii U, and they are already at work on the Wii U version.

GameEarthlock: Festival of Magic (Snowcastle Games)
Description: RPG.
Budget: $178,193
Wii U priority: Medium high; the plan is to release it for PCs in Q1 2015 then release it for next-gen consoles, including the Wii U, in Q2 2015.

Description: Side-scrolling shooter which reminds me of the old PC game Abuse.
Budget: $33,008
Wii U priority: High: Launch platform, along with PC/Mac OSX/Linux.

Game: Dex
Description: Old-school side-scrolling action/RPG.
Budget: £30,647
Wii U priority: Medium: Achieved stretch goal.

Game: Lobodestroyo
Description: 3D Platformer.
Budget: $43,831
Wii U priority: Medium-high; originally a stretch goal, when they were accepted as Nintendo developers they decided to move Wii U from stretch goal to one of their base platforms.

Description: An "adorably tough RPG."
Budget: $28,487

Game: Paradise Lost: First Contact
Description: Retro 2D stealth platformer.
Budget: $144,960
Wii U priority: Medium-high: One of the initial platforms, but it won't be a Day 1 release.

Game: Asylum 33D
Description: "Horror Roguelike."
Budget: $3,010
Wii U priority: Medium: They're listing it for pretty much everything.

Game: Knite and the Ghost Lights
Description: Action Adventure
Budget: $43,768
Wii U priority: Medium-high; will appear on the Wii U at or near launch date.

Game: Night Detective
Description: A picture puzzle point and click adventure
Budget: $803
Wii U priority: Medium; one of a number of platforms they're planning for.

Game: Sword 'N' Board
Description: "Puzzle oriented adventure RPG."
Goal: $8,585
Wii U priority: High. While the Wii U wasn't originally a planned platform, once they got a Wii U dev kit they titled their page "Sword 'N' Board - Now coming to Wii U!" So clearly they're excited at the idea.

Game: Another Castle
Description: Retro platformer
Wii U priority: Medium: One of 7 planned platforms (although the first one listed).

Game: Liege
Description: Retro tactical RPG.
Budget: $81,458
Wii U priority: Medium; achieved stretch goal.

Game: Terra Incognita
Description: “A retro inspired RPG”
Wii U priority: Medium:Successful stretch goal.


SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED (But Wii U Stretch Goal Not Met)

GameMoira (Onagro) 
Description: "A Game Boy Inspired Spellcrafting Action Platformer."
Budget: €18,329
Wii U priority: Low; highest stretch goal at 36,000.
Funded: April 13, 2016

GameSaber Rider and the Star Sheriffs (Team Sabre Rider) 
Description: Retro 2D action game based on a 1980s cartoon series.
Pledged/Goal: $96,592/75,000
Wii U priority: Medium; the $150,000 stretch was one of the lower ones.
Funded: October 5, 2015

GameThe 13th Doll (Attic Door) 
Description: Puzzle game inspired by the classic 7th Guest.
Budget: $60,266 /40,000
Wii U priority: Low; was highest serious stretch goal, at $120,000.
Funded: August 27, 2015

GameCombat Core (Micah Betts) 
Description: 4-person brawler.
Budget/goal: $31,064/30,000
Wii U priority: Medium-low; $90,000 stretch goal for Wii U and XB1.
Funded: June 14, 2015

GameLoud on Planet X (Pop Sandbox) 
Description: Rhythm game with an indie-band theme.
Budget/goal: $53,006/41,072
Wii U priority: Medium; $75,000 stretch goal.
Funded: June 5, 2015

GameToejam and Earl: Back in the Groove (Humanature
Description: Sequel to a game I'm not familiar with.
Budget/goal: $400,000/508,637
Wii U priority: Medium-low, $800,000 stretch goal.
Funded: March 27, 2015

GameHappy Hell (Occultimate) 
Description: 3D action-adventure.
Budget/goal: $14,16113,666
Wii U priority: Medium, lowest console stretch at $66,000 
Funded: March 19, 2015  

GameThis is the Police (Weappy) 
Description: Strategy game.
Budget/goal: $35,508/25,000
Wii U priority: Medium; $55,000 stretch goal for Wii U and PS Vita; didn't make it.
Funded: February 25, 2015

GameBlack the Fall (Sand Sailor) 
Description: Cool looking 2D action-adventure.
Budget/goal: £25,000/28,485
Wii U priority: Medium-low: They didn't make  a $50,000 stretch that covered all 5 consoles.
Funded: October 31, 2014  

GameTown of Salem (BlankMediaGames) 
Description: Campaign for an improved version of the existing online game.
Budget/goal: $114,197/30,000
Wii U priority: Low; unachieved stretch goal. 
Funded: October 18, 2014

GameStriker Arena (Wizcorp) 
Description: A "tactical-action soccer game."
Budget/goal: $5,062/5,000 (CAD)
Wii U priority: Very low; Unreached $40,000 stretch goal.
Funded: October 8, 2014 

GameMoon Hunters (Kitfox) 
Description: Retro Action-RPG.
Budget/goal: $178,986/45,000 CAD
Wii U priority: Low, fell well short of the $250,000 stretch goal added towards the end of the drive.
Funded: September 26, 2014  

GameRay's the Dead (Ragtag) 
Description: Wacky zombie action-adventure game.
Budget/Original goal: $51,773/30,000
Wii U priority: Low, didn't make $65,000 stretch goal.
Funded: September 21, 2014

GameSuper World Karts (Paul Hamilton) 
Description: Retro kart racer.
Budget/Original goal: $16,000
Wii U priority: Low; failed to make its $32,000 Wii U stretch goal.
Funded: September 12, 2014

GameForgotten Ball (Joshua Croft) 
Description: Puzzle platformer.
Budget/Original goal: £1,800/1,849
Wii U priority: Medium-low; £3,750 stretch goal. Stretch failed, so who knows.
Funded: September 10, 2014

GameAegis Defenders (GUTS Department) 
Description: "A 16-bit Tactical Platformer."
Budget/original goal: $145,815/65,000
Wii U priority: Low now, since it missed the Wii U stretch goal by a mere $5,000. 
Funded: September 3, 2014

GameMidora (Epic Minds) 
Description: Retro RPG.
Budget/original goal: $73,470/60,000
Wii U priority: Medium; first stretch goal at $80,000, although the developer says the game will come to the Wii U eventually.
Prospects: Funded.
Funded: July 13, 2014

GameDieselStörmers (Black Forest) 
Description: Side-scrolling run-and-gun.
Budget/original goal: $52,931/50,000
Wii U priority: Medium-low. Their immediate plans are for PCs, but they say this will come to next-gen consoles at some point.
Funded: May 23, 2014

GameLa-Mulana 2
Description: Sequel to the WiiWare side-scrolling platformer.
Budget: $266,670
Wii U priority: Very low; failed to meet stretch goal, so unlikely to make the Wii U.

Game: Insanity's Blade
Description: "A blend of action, platforming and RPG elements with a classic 8-bit style."
Budget: $7,075
Wii U priority: Medium: Failed to achieve Wii U stretch goal, but have said their will still be a Wii U version..

Game: Tadpole Treble
Description: Music themed side scroller.
Budget: $34,250
Wii U priority: Very low. They didn't make their stretch goal, although they're still collection donations through Paypal and say they would still like to find a way to get this on the Wii U.

Game: River City Ransom: Underground
Description: A licensed sequel to the NES beat 'em up.
Budget: $217,643
Wii U priority: Very low; unreached stretch goal.

Game: Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope
Description: Side-scroller in the Metroid vein.
Budget: $54,007
Wii U priority: Low, as they didn't make their Wii U stretch goal. However, they say they are still hoping to get it to the Wii U at some point.

Game: Candle
Description: Side-scrolling action adventure game.
Budget: $52,359
Wii U priority: Medium. They failed to meet their Wii U stretch goal, but told Nintendo Enthusiast that even if they didn't meet that goal, they were planning to bring the game to the Wii U when they could.

Game: Crypt Run
Description: "Arcade-style medieval fantasy hack 'n slash."
Budget: $9,013
Wii U priority: Medium-low. They failed to meet their Wii U stretch goal, but say they still plan to release it on the console "someday."

Game: A Hat in Time
Description: 3D action adventure influenced by Zelda and Mario.
Budget: $296,000
Due date: June 28, 2013
Wii U priority: Medium. They say they really want to put it on the console, because Nintendo is an influence on the game, but they need to find a Wii U publisher, so they're making no promises. However, since there was so much interest in the game that it reached 10 times its funding goal, one imagines someone will be interested.

Game: Redwall: The Warrior Reborn
Description: Adventure game.
Budget: $17,000
Wii U priority: Low. Their first priorities are PC/Mac, then iOS/Android. Other consoles “are realistic options but no commitment there.”

Game: Buddy & Me
Description: Platformer designed for smart phones.
Wii U priority: Low. The Wii U was added as a stretch goal but not enough money came in. However, the developer says they are still hoping they’ll find a way to bring it to the Wii U at some point.

Game: Rex Rocket
Description: Retro platformer
Wii U priority: Low. The only planned platform is the PC, but their dream is to get the game on pretty much every platform, including the Wii U.