CTRL-Enter is Your Web Browser Friend

A Fast Way to Browse the Web

Michael Poehlman/Getty Images

For Url's That End In .Com, Try This Tip:

In IE, Firefox, and Chrome, it is possible to get the browser to type the www. and .com portions of a URL address for you. The command CTRL-Enter is the keystroke shortcut to make this happen.

An example of how to use CTRL-Enter:

  1. Click into your browser address bar
  2. Type "cnn"over the existing text
  3. Hold CTRL on your keyboard, and poke the "Enter" key.
  4. The browser should automatically send you to www.cnn.com.

If you use this CTRL-Enter command correctly, you only need to type the middle portion of a .com address. As with nearly all Internet URL's, you type all lowercase letters with no spaces.

This command only works for Web addresses that end in .com. If you are visiting a .edu, .gov, .co.uk, .net, .ca website, you will need to manually type those addresses in full.

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