CTL Offers Value Touchscreen Chromebook

Slim, lightweight, with a Jasper Lake N5100 quad-core processor

CTL revealed plans to add a new 14-inch Chromebook to its PX14 series, this time with a touchscreen display.

The announcement details the new PX14EX touchscreen Chromebook, which boasts "effortless" multitasking along with the latest connectivity and security technology. Like the rest of the line, the PX14EX also sports a slim and lightweight design (CTL puts it at about 3.64 pounds) for easier portability.

CTL PX14EX Chromebook (front)


The laptop contains a low-power Intel Jasper Lake N5100 quad-core processor, which provides decent speeds without requiring too much energy. It also comes with 8GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. As for external elements, there are ports for one USB 3.1 device, two USB-C connections, one audio jack, and one port for a digital microphone.

The stand-out feature, the PX14EX's 14-inch Full HD touchscreen display, is 1920 x 1080 pixels at up to 1080p. And, of course, it works as a touchscreen.

CTL PX14EX Chromebook (back)


According to CTL's estimates, the PX14EX touchscreen Chromebook will also have a pretty average shelf life compared to other Chromebook models. The current plan, as stated, is to continue automatic update support through June of 2029—giving purchasers a little under seven years of coverage.

You can preorder the PX14EX touchscreen Chromebook directly from CTL for $499, though there's currently a $100 discount that brings it down to $399. CTL expects deliveries to start arriving sometime in September.

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