'Crysis' Cheat Codes for PC

Edit config files to enable cheats in 'Crysis'

Steve Wilson/Wikimedia CC 2.0

"Crysis" is still considered one of the best first person shooters out there and was a genre-definer for a new generation of graphics-heavy PC games. There are a couple different ways to cheat in "Crysis": use console commands, edit the game's files, or use a trainer.

Since trainer sites are seldom reliable, and many people have indicated that they have trouble bringing up the console to enter cheat codes, below is an explanation of how to edit the game files to enable cheats in "Crysis."

How to Edit 'Crysis' Config Files to Enable Cheats

  1. The first step is locating the game config files. They're located in the game's Config folder, and so will usually be in a folder like this one:

    C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Game\Config

    If you can't find the correct folder, use a file search tool to search for Crysis.

  2. Locate the configuration file that corresponds to the difficulty level you're playing. Inside the folder are .CFG files that correspond to each difficulty level: diff_easy.cfg, diff_normal.cfg, diff_hard.cfg, and diff_bauer.cfg.

  3. Back up the CFG file you plan on editing. You can save a backup in the same folder as the config file by making a copy of the file and then renaming the copy to any other name, such as BACKUP_diff_easy.cfg.

  4. Open the original CFG file in a text editor like Notepad.

  5. Add one or more of the "Crysis" cheat codes located below to the end of the file, and then save it.

    For example, if you just want to activate God Mode in Crysis, you'd add the following line to the file before saving it:

    g_godMode = 1

    Each cheat code is entered on a new line, and you only need to enter the cheat code and toggle, not the description you see listed below.

  6. Now, when you play "Crysis" on the difficulty level you edited, whatever cheat codes you entered at the end of the file will be activated.

List of 'Crysis' Cheat Codes

  • God Mode: g_godMode = 1
  • Unlimited Ammunition: i_unlimitedammo = 1
  • Have Enemies Ignore You: ai_IgnorePlayer = 1
  • Carry Unlimited Weapons: i_noweaponlimit = 1
  • Rate of Time in Game: time_scale = 1 (any #)
  • AI Ignores Player: ai_IgnorePlayer = 1
  • Energy Consumed While Sprinting: g_suitSpeedEnergyConsumption = 110 (any #)
  • Infinite Health for All Vehicles: v_goliathmode = 1
  • Enable Melee Attacks While Sprinting: g_meleeWhileSprinting = 1
  • Immediate Energy Regen: g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeDelay = 0
  • Extra Health: g_playerHealthValue = 900.0
  • Fall Speed at Which You Die: pl_fallDamage_SpeedFatal = 13.7 (any #)
  • God Mode: g_godMode = 1
  • How Fast You Can Swim: pl_swimBaseSpeed = 4 (any #)
  • How Much Damage Armor Mode Energy Shields Take: g_suitarmorhealthvalue = 200 (any #)
  • How Quickly You can Jump Out of the Water: pl_swimJumpSpeedBaseMul = 1 (any #)
  • Instant Energy: g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeTimeArmor = 0
  • Instant Energy While Moving: g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeTimeArmorMoving = 0
  • Instant Health Regen: g_playerSuitArmorModeHealthRegenTime = 0
  • Instant Health Regen While Moving: g_playerSuitArmorModeHealthRegenTimeMoving = 0
  • Maximum Speed at Which You Take No Damage: pl_fallDamage_SpeedSafe = 8 (any #)
  • Multiply Movement Speed in Speed Mode: g_suitSpeedMult = 1.75 (any #)
  • Multiply Energy Consumption of Cloaking: g_suitCloakEnergyDrainAdjuster = 1 (any #)
  • Multiply Energy Consumption of Each Shot Fired in Strength Mode: g_suitRecoilEnergyCost = 15 (any #)
  • Multiply Punch Strength: cl_strengthscale = 1 (any #)
  • Multiply Player Movement Speed: g_walkmultiplier = 1 (any #)
  • No Waiting Until Regen Starts: g_playerSuitHealthRegenDelay = 0
  • No Weapon Limit: i_noweaponlimit = 1
  • Set Difficulty: g_difficultyLevel = 1 (1-4; 4 is hardest)
  • Set Energy Regen Time to Zero: g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeTime = 0
  • Set Health Regen Time to Zero: g_playerSuitHealthRegenTime = 0
  • Set Regan Time (While Walking) to Zero: g_playerSuitHealthRegenTimeMoving = 0
  • Spawn Any Item: i_giveitem <item> (e.g., change <item> to Shotgun to spawn a shotgun)
    • If this cheat doesn't work, switch over to Devmode or enter con_restricted = 0 in the console and try again
  • Unlimited Ammunition: i_unlimitedammo = 1