Crysis Cheat Codes for PC

How to enable cheats for Crysis on Windows

Steve Wilson/Wikimedia CC 2.0

Crysis redefined the first person shooters for a new generation of graphics-heavy PC games. There are two different ways to cheat in Crysis: using console commands and editing the game's configuration files.

Information in this article applies exclusively to the PC version of Crysis.

How to Cheat in Crysis by Editing Config Files

  1. Locate the game's configuration files in the Config folder. The folder will likely be under C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Game\Config.

    If you can't find the correct folder, use a file search tool.

  2. Identify the .cfg file that corresponds to the difficulty level you're playing. There are four choices:

    • diff_easy.cfg
    • diff_normal.cfg
    • diff_hard.cfg
    • diff_bauer.cfg
  3. Back up the .cfg file you plan on editing. You can save a backup in the same folder as the config file by making a copy of the file and then giving it a different name, such as BACKUP_diff_easy.cfg.

  4. Open the original .cfg file in a text editor like Notepad.

  5. Add one or more of the cheat codes below to the end of the file. For example, if you want to activate god mode, add the following line to the file:

    g_godMode = 1

    Each cheat code should be entered on a new line.

  6. Save the .cfg file.

  7. Start the game on the desired difficulty level to begin playing with cheats enabled.

To disable cheats, quit the game and delete the codes from the bottom of the .cfg file, then save it.

Crysis Cheat Codes for PC

Add these codes to the bottom of the game's .cgf files as described above to activate cheats.

Effect Cheat Code

God Mode

g_godMode = 1
Unlimited Ammunition i_unlimitedammo = 1
Enemies Ignore You ai_IgnorePlayer = 1

Carry Unlimited Weapons

i_noweaponlimit = 1
AI Ignores You ai_IgnorePlayer = 1
Infinite Health for All Vehicles v_goliathmode = 1

Set Energy Consumed While Sprinting (default is 110)

g_suitSpeedEnergyConsumption = number
Enable Melee Attacks While Sprinting g_meleeWhileSprinting = 1
Immediate Energy Regen g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeDelay = 0

Extra Health

g_playerHealthValue = 900.0
Set Fall Speed at Which You Die (default is 13.7) pl_fallDamage_SpeedFatal = number
Set Speed of Time In-Game (1 is default) time_scale = number

Set How Fast You Can Swim (default is 4)

pl_swimBaseSpeed = number
Set How Much Damage Armor Mode Energy Shields Take (default is 200) g_suitarmorhealthvalue = number
Set How Quickly You can Jump Out of the Water (default is 1) pl_swimJumpSpeedBaseMul = number

Instant Energy

g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeTimeArmor = 0
Instant Energy While Moving g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeTimeArmorMoving = 0
Instant Health Regen g_playerSuitArmorModeHealthRegenTime = 0

Instant Health Regen While Moving

g_playerSuitArmorModeHealthRegenTimeMoving = 0
Maximum Speed at Which You Take No Damage (default is 8) pl_fallDamage_SpeedSafe = number
Multiply Movement Speed in Speed Mode (default is 1.75) g_suitSpeedMult = number

Multiply Energy Consumption of Cloaking (default is 1)

g_suitCloakEnergyDrainAdjuster = number
Multiply Energy Consumption of Each Shot Fired in Strength Mode (default is 15) g_suitRecoilEnergyCost = number
Multiply Punch Strength (default is 1) cl_strengthscale = number

Multiply Player Movement Speed (default is 1)

g_walkmultiplier = number
No Waiting Until Regen Starts g_playerSuitHealthRegenDelay = 0
Set Difficulty (1-4, 4 is hardest) g_difficultyLevel = number
Set Energy Regen Time to Zero g_playerSuitEnergyRechargeTime = 0

Set Health Regen Time to Zero

g_playerSuitHealthRegenTime = 0
Set Regan Time While Walking to Zero g_playerSuitHealthRegenTimeMoving = 0
  1. Press the grave accent key (`) above the the Tab key while playing to bring up the cheat console.

  2. Type con_restricted = 0 in the console and press Enter to enable dev mode.

  3. Type i_giveitem weapon code and press Enter to spawn the desired weapon. For example, to spawn a claymore, enter:

i_giveitem Claymore

Crysis Weapon Codes for PC

Use these codes as described above to spawn weapons.

Codes entered via the cheat console are case sensitive. You may also activate many of the codes above using the cheat console.

Weapon Code

Golf Club

Alien MOAC AlienMount
Anti Vehicle Mine AVMine

Assault Scope

C4 With Detonator C4
Claymore Claymore



Gauss Rifle

Grenade FragGrenade
Grenade launcher for rifles GrenadeLauncher

Korean Rifle

Laser Aiming Module for Pistols LAM
Laser Aiming Module for Rifles LAMRifle


Pistol SOCOM
Precision Sniper Rifle DSG1

Reflex Sight

Rocket Launcher LAW
Silencer Silencer


Smoke Grenade SmokeGrenade
Sniper Scope SniperScope

Standard US Rifle

Submachine Gun SMG
Tac Gun TACGun