Crucial Aspects That Every Hosting Reseller Should Consider

reseller hosting

In the recent past, several development companies and IT service companies have been including hosting as a part of their portfolio. On a more extensive scale, the field of technology is following a more collaborative way of offering new services to commercial customers, mainly due to the ever-growing list of services that customers need for optimization of their operations. 

In fact, adding hosting services as a part of their portfolio comes with several advantages for the service provider, including significant boost to the revenues on several occasions. However, it’s crucial to select the right partner to ensure success with this new step. If you want to be a great hosting reseller, here are five crucial aspects that you need to consider. 

Appeal of the Resale Market to Expand Prospective Clients

All hosting ventures aren’t made equally, which is why it’s vital to look closer into the hosting service offering to ensure it reaches out to the maximum audience. If you’re targeting at even the technically sophisticated clients, they might want more advanced features like shared email solutions or virtual private servers. So, in order to create maximum reseller value, a reseller should offer a comprehensive product suite to match the advanced market demands.  

Reseller Terms and Kinds of Services

When you are assessing prospective vendors for partnering, it’s recommended to consider their hosting terms in addition to taking a closer look at what other services they provide. The right joint venture could throw open a new stream of revenue and also help reseller hosts to decide the mark-up amount and directly bill their customers. If there are any other service provided by the vendor that you could consider, this could also expand your portfolio.  

Marketing and Sales Support

A well-established hosting provider should have good experience in marketing its services and its services should be reputed for quality – these aspects can nurture reseller success. Try to partner with a vendor that’s ready to share its expertise by offering product and sales training support, which in turn can help your team to sell the services efficiently.   

On-board Support

There are several promises that a vendor makes before entering into a joint venture with a reseller, but do they really provide adequate onboard support. Explore some vital queries before deciding your hosting partner. Find out if a dedicated account manage is reachable to help you through with the process. Is a discount offered for hosting initially so that resellers can control costs? Are there experts who can be consulted for maximizing the returns on the hosting part of the portfolio? Find out answers to such onboard support related questions before proceeding. 

Extra Support Systems

Apart from onboard support, extra support systems like Tier 2 and Tier 3 tech support are also critical for a successful hosting reseller association for a long span. Also, get to know about system administrator access. This is the only way in which prospective resellers can ensure that they can get support from the vendor whenever required after the initial phase of launch.   

A hosting reseller partnership is a very efficient solution, providing IT service providers, designers and other organizations a chance to be a single stop store for their clients while continuing to focus on their core business area. However, it’s vital to remember that the support and quality level differs considerably among the hosting vendors. This is the reasons it’s crucial to consider the planned partnership from all angles before signing up the deal.