How to Create Great Playlists with iTunes Genius

Use a song in your library to make a track list you'll love

What to Know

  • Pick a song in your iTunes library. Right-click the song. Go to Genius Suggestions. Select Save as Playlist.
  • Choose the drop-down arrow under the playlist name to expand the number of songs in the list from 25 to 50, 75, or 100. Select Refresh.
  • Select Save Playlist in iTunes 10 or earlier. The playlist saves automatically in later iTunes versions.

This article explains how to create Genius Playlists with iTunes Genius in iTunes 8 or later using one of three initial selections.

How to Create a Genius Playlist

The iTunes Genius feature can help you discover new music. Genius Playlists are different from playlists you create and smart playlists that iTunes generates based on sorting criteria you select. Genius Playlists are based on a single song you like. To make iTunes build a playlist for you, turn on the Genius feature. Once that's set up, choose a song to build the list around.

Here's how to create a Genius Playlist.

  1. Navigate through your iTunes library to a song that you want to use as the foundation of the playlist. Once you've found that song, you have three ways to create the Genius Playlist:

    • Right-click the song, go to Genius Suggestions, then select Save as Playlist.
    • Click the ... icon next to the song, go to Genius Suggestions, then choose Save as Playlist 
    • Go to the File menu, select New, then choose Genius Playlist.
    Creating a Genius Playlist in iTunes
  2. iTunes takes the song you selected and collects information from the iTunes Store and other Genius users. It looks at what other songs are popular with people who like the song you chose and uses that information to generate the Genius Playlist.

    The standard Genius Playlist has 25 songs, beginning with the song you chose. You can either play it right away and see how you like it or make changes to it.

  3. Select the 25 songs drop-down arrow (it's located under the playlist name) and choose 50 Songs, 75 Songs, or 100 Songs to expand the playlist.

    Menu showing length of a Genius Playlist in iTunes
  4. Select Refresh to add a new set of songs to the playlist. Some songs will have been in the last version, some will be new, and the order (other than the first song) will be different.

    Refresh button for an iTunes Genius playlist
  5. Select Shuffle All to play the playlist in random order.

    Drag and drop tracks to change the default order of the playlist.

    Shuffle All button in an iTunes Genius playlist
  6. Your next step depends on what version of iTunes you have. In iTunes 10 or earlier, if you're happy with the playlist, select Save Playlist. In iTunes 11 or higher, the playlist saves automatically and appears under the Music Playlists heading in the left menu.

    Genius playlists have the atom-shaped Genius logo next to them and have the same name as the song you used to create them.

    A Genius playlist in the Music Playlists heading in iTunes
  7. Repeat these steps with any song in your library to make as many playlists as you want.

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