How to Create a Samsung Account

Locate and protect your phone plus access special services

Samsung Account screen on Galaxy S9

Many smartphone manufacturers encourage you to use their own user accounts, which often add extra features and services. When you set up a Samsung account, you not only have an easy way to access various Samsung services but also a fast, simple way to locate, shut off, or even erase your phone if it is ever stolen or lost.

Samsung Account features include safety features,including but not limited to:

  • locating a phone
  • erasing, locking and unlocking a phone remotely
  • exclusive apps for your phone, such as Samsung Pay, Bixby, Samsung Health, and Samsung Pass (biometrics)
  • data and photo gallery backups

Once you create a Samsung account, you can enjoy all the Samsung services without having to create or sign in with any additional accounts.

Any Android phone will require you to set up with a Google Account. Your Samsung Account is completely different from that and offers a ton of features you can't access anywhere else.

Samsung Account Key Features

Setting up a Samsung account will enable several features on your phone, as well as several that you can use on the phone, compatible TV's, Samsung Gear, computers and more. In total, there are 17 different features you can access with this account.

Find My Mobile

This is one of the most useful features of your Samsung account. Find My Mobile lets you register your phone, and then locate it if it is misplaced. When tracking your lost phone, you can remotely lock it, make the phone ring (if you think it is lost but nearby) and even set a number that calls to your lost mobile are forwarded to.

If you think your phone is not going to be returned to you, you can wipe the phone remotely to remove any sensitive or private data. Our phones are so important to us these days, that this feature alone makes setting up a Samsung account worthwhile.

Samsung Find My Mobile map

Samsung Cloud

If you're that person who takes a million photos and never remembers to download them to your computer, don't stress. Samsung Cloud automatically backs things up for you every so often. Even a stolen phone doesn't need to mean photos - or other important information - lost forever.

You can set your device up to sync:

  • Calendar events and tasks
  • Contacts, email addresses, and business cards
  • Pictures, videos, and stories
  • Predictive text data
  • Voice memos, images, and tasks
  • Reminders
  • Bookmarks, saved pages, and open tabs from Samsung Internet
  • Samsung Pass sign-in information
  • Scrapbooks, images, screenshots, and web addresses
  • S Note action memos, favorites, and categories.

Samsung Health

Samsung Health works as your hub for all things health. Workouts, water intake, even hooking up with your running app to have all the information you want in a single place. There's a lot going on in this app, but the aim is to put you in control of your health.


Smasung's PENUP app is really a social network for artists who like to share their work with others. It all works right through your phone; users work with their S-Pen to draw amazing works of art.

Creating a Samsung Account on Your Computer

You can set up a Samsung account during the setup process on your phone, but you can also do it online on your computer.

  1. On your computer, open the browser and go to This page lists many of the features you can take advantage of once you are signed up for your account. Click or tap SIGN UP NOW.

    Sign Up Now button on Samsung account page
  2. Read through the Terms & Conditions, Terms of Service, and Samsung Privacy Policy on the next page and then tap or click AGREE. If you don't agree to the Terms & and Conditions, you cannot continue.

    Agree button on Create a Samsung account page
  3. Complete the sign up form by entering your email address, choosing a password and completing some profile information. Tap or click NEXT.

    Next button on Samsung account creation page
  4. That's it! You can now sign in with your newly created credentials.

Adding a Samsung Account on Your Phone

If you want to add a Samsung account to your Galaxy smartphone, you can do so quickly and easily from the Add Account section of the main settings.

  1. Open the main settings app on your phone.

  2. Scroll to and tap Cloud and accounts.

  3. One the Cloud And Accounts screen, if you see Samsung Cloud listed, you already have a Samsung Cloud account and you can begin using all of the benefits of the account. If you don't see Samsung Cloud, tap Accounts to start the process of creating one.

    Two Samsung screens showing Cloud and accounts and Accounts buttons
  4. You will then be shown a list of all of the accounts that can be set up on your phone. Active accounts will have a green dot next to them, inactive accounts have a grey dot. Tap the Samsung account option (you will need to be connected to Wi-Fi or a data network to continue).

    Add account and Samsung account buttons in Accounts Settings for Samsung
  5. On the Samsung account screen, tap Create new account. You will then need to accept the terms and conditions for each of the available Samsung services. If you decline, you will not be able to continue.

  6. Enter your details in the form that appears next. You will need to enter an email address, password, your date of birth and name.

  7. When the form is complete, tap Sign up.

Once your account is set up, don't forget to set it to Auto Sync Data in the Accounts section of Settings on your phone or device. Just tap the slider to to ensure it moves to the right and darkens.