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Make your own emoji online or from your phone

What to Know

  • On piZap, select Start > Edit Photo. Upload image, select Graphics, choose an emoji. Adjust size and position, add filters, and more.
  • For Windows devices, try Moji Maker. For iOS and Android, use Bitmoji or Emoji Me Animated Faces.
  • Other online emoji builders are Disney Emoji Maker, Angel Emoji Maker, Emotiyou, and Emojibuilder.

This article explains how to use free emoji makers to create your own emojis and then send them via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, email, text, and more.

How to Make a Custom Emoji From Your Computer

To build a custom emoji online, use an emoji builder website such as piZap, and save the emoji as an image file. No software or app download required.

To make a custom emoji with piZap:

  1. Go to piZap and select Start.

    Emoji Maker - selecting "Start"
  2. In the upper-middle portion of the screen, select Edit Photo, Collage, Blank Canvas, or Touchup. Alternatively, choose from one of several templates. If you don't see a template you want to use, enter a word or phrase in the Search all templates field to find one.

    piZap - Upload a picture or choose a template
  3. Upload an image to the blank canvas or to a template.

  4. Select Graphics in the left pane. In the Emoji section, choose an emoji or select See All to view more emojis.

    piZap - selecting "Graphics" and an emoji
  5. Adjust the size of the emoji by dragging a corner. Adjust the position of the emoji by selecting it, and dragging and dropping it anywhere on the image.

    piZap - dragging and sizing emoji graphic
  6. Select Text in the left pane and then choose from the following text options:

    • Add Text: Add only text; text will not be in a bubble.
    • Add Talk: Add text inside a talk bubble.
    • Add Shout: Add text inside a shout bubble.
    • Add Thought: Add text inside a thought bubble.
    • Add Square: Add text inside a square bubble.
    piZap - adding text to emoji.

    The text in the emoji above is inside a shout bubble.

  7. Continue editing your emoji to add a filter, cut out the background, crop the image, insert a meme, and more. While some options require a paid subscription, many are free to use.

  8. At the top of the screen, select Save when you're done to save the emoji to your computer as a PNG or JPG image. Select Share to share the emoji on Facebook, email, and other sites. You can also copy a link to the emoji or save it to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud storage sites.

Other Emoji-Making Options

Another free emoji maker website is Disney Emoji Maker. Made for all ages, Disney Emoji Maker lets you save the emoji to your PC or share it over Twitter or Facebook. Or you can go to another emoji maker site such as Angel Emoji Maker, Emotiyou, or Emojibuilder.

If you have Windows 10 or a Windows mobile device, download the Moji Maker desktop program. Choose from thousands of designs for your personalized emoji, and when you're done building one, save it and share it with others from the app.

Mobile Emoji Maker Apps

If you plan to use your emoji from your phone or tablet, an emoji maker app is what you want to use. Here are a few to try.


The Bitmoji app is a lot of fun, and it has tons of options to choose from. When you're done creating your emoji, share it through your other apps by using the Bitmoji keyboard. Download Bitmoji for iPhone from the App Store or download Bitmoji for Android from Google Play.

You can log in to Bitmoji through Snapchat, plus, you can take a selfie and compare it with your emoji to make the most realistic-looking emoji clone of yourself. All sorts of elements are available on Bitmoji to customize your emoji, like choosing a head and eye shape, skin tone, and hairstyle.

Emoji Me Animated Faces

iPhone and iPad users can also make custom emojis when they download Emoji Me Animated Faces. With this emoji builder, your emoji moves automatically like a GIF, which is more fun than an emoji that sits there when you send it to someone.

To make your own emoji with Emoji Me Animated Faces, choose a face and then customize it to your liking. You can change your face shape and skin color, hairstyle, eye/lip/nose/ear shape and color, and more. There are over one trillion combinations you can make.

When you're done, your emoji is automatically available in several versions, such as one that's waving and saying, "Thank you," a laughing emoji, and more. After choosing an emoji you like, share it over one of the best messaging apps out there.

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